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Published: October 12, 2014

I've Gone to the Rainbow Bridge

7 AUGUST 2017: We are sad to report that Solo passed away today in his foster home. He was loved  and will be missed by Biscuit, Brenna and his foster mom of three years. He and Buster are enjoying meeting up in doggie heaven. Buster is showing Solo all the best spots to mark so everyone knows he has arrived. Rest in peace, sweet boy.

6 FEBRUARY 2017: Solo is now 10-11 years old and loving life in his foster home, but he love a forever home even more!

Solo is young at heart and loves to keep the house safe from squirrels and guards the yard well.  He loves when people come to visit and likes to be with other dogs as long as they know he's top dog.  Solo loves attention and will give you his belly to be rubbed.  Nothing makes him happier than being in the room with you, he is my shadow.  When I go to the kitchen, he goes to the dining room where he can see me.  He doesn't come into the kitchen without being invited (don't know where he learned that - not from my dogs).  He enjoys his walks and wants to go in the car with me anytime I leave.  When I'm in the office, he picks a dog bed and sleeps there.  He is doing better with house training, but he still marks occasionally and has on occasional accident.  He likes to be petted, but doesn't like to have his head held or nails clipped.  At the vets, he will snap if they try to hold him still by holding his head.  If they just hold his body, he's fine.

Solo is a good boy and would enjoy a home without small children since he has that head holding issue.  He would do fine in an apartment if you are able to walk him several times a day.  He's not much of a barker.  He would do best in a home with a large fenced yard to explore, but so would all beagles.  If you are a senior looking for a companion, you would have a perfect fit.

Solo came to BREW with a few health conditions, but he doesn't believe he is old or ailing! He has an old scratch on his eye that vet said doesn't seem to bother him, and we are currently managing his thyroid condition, Ehrlichia, and early stage kidney disease.

19 MARCH 2015: Just took Solo back to vet for his recheck.  He is now on thyroid medicine and doing well.  Solo is house broken (only a few marking problems remain).  Solo is a wise soul and wants to be a part of everything that's happening.  He enjoys being with people and other dogs.  He knows the commands for sit, lie down and almost roll-over.  He does not jump up on you to greet you like the rest of my beagles.  He is a happy boy and loves attention.  He enjoys his walks and going anywhere.  He is easy going except at feeding time.  Then he gets so excited (he barks and runs in circles), we have to sit and wait for him to calm down before everyone eats.  He does love treats and food; however, he is not food aggressive in any way. He enjoys being outside, especially if you are also out there.

This is a happy, quiet boy who would love a home with someone to love on!  He gives more love than he gets and would be good in a house or an apartment.  He only barks at meal time or outside.  He would really like to find a forever home where he could trust the kindness of a family.

11 SEPTEMBER 2014: "Hello, I am Solo.  I am a red and white beagle boy who loves people.  I am good with dogs my size and smaller, however, big dogs frighten me so I bark at them.  I love to be with my beagle buddies here at Nana's, but my favorite place to be is where ever Nana is located.  I am house broken, so I go outside to do my business.  I still get in trouble for marking.  Nana said that will pass after time.  I do not chew inappropriately and I really don't play with toys.  My favorite things are long walks (I don't pull on my leash), doing tricks for Nana and snuggling and being petted.  I will walk as long as you can keep going or I will sleep the day away.  I am easy going and love attention.  I am flexible.  I can get up early or sleep late, just let me be with you."

Solo would be good in an apartment or in a home.  He would especially be good living with someone who is retired or works from home.

Original info: Solo is and older guy from Powhatan, Virginia. He has what looks like an old eye injury leaving a blue spot on the eye.  His kennel caretaker says, "I have to admit I am a little surprised, even a little in awe because this guy will not poop or pee in his kennel, knows the doggy door, will poop and pee on a leash and knows "sit"!!  He had been at my kennels a couple of days with no messes which I thought was unusual so I decided to take him out to see if he would go.  I now walk him every evening when I get to the kennels and he goes immediately.  This guy was at the end of his time!!!  He came in as a stray but must have been someone's pet at one time.  He in not too happy about kennel life.  He still  needs vetting but he is quiet and with all things considered, I think he would make a good apartment dog."

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  1. Handsome boy — how big is he?

    • Erin

      Hi, Greg – Solo is on the large side for a beagle. I’d guess he’s about 35 pounds but have a message in to his foster mom to confirm. He is a very nice boy. Thanks for your interest!

      • Thanks — we recently lost our Charlie at age 16 (BREW, class of 2002) who was also a larger (30+ lbs), red-and-white boy. Would like to meet Solo.

        • Erin

          Hi, Greg – I am so very sorry to hear of Charlie’s passing. It sounds like you gave him a very full life. I confirmed that Solo is indeed about 35 pounds and see that you have already submitted an application. One of our application volunteers should be in touch in the next several days – applications are assigned to volunteers once a week. Thanks for your interest in adopting again!

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