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Published: January 28, 2018

I've Been Adopted!

UPDATE - 13 APRIL 2018 (from Snickers' foster mom): Snickers now weighs 14.4 pounds. He still gulps his food down like he will never eat again though. We are working hard on "manners". So far I can't get him to stop jumping up on my legs when there's food around, but I have faith he will learn eventually. We are making progress in "potty training". Yesterday was the 1st day he didn't pee or poop in the house. Snickers has to go out every 2-3hrs.

Of course, he's an absolute sweetheart, loves to be right next to me or on my lap no matter what I'm doing. He's also enjoying learning to play with toys, especially the kind with treats inside.

UPDATE - 17 MARCH 2018: Snickers is on his way to his new foster home. He is still a little underweight, but he is a sweet little boy who really seems to love humans and other dogs. We'll see how he does as a house dog in his new foster home. As a preview, we were able to take a picture of him getting a bath en route to his new foster home. Who can resist that face?

INITIAL IMPRESSIONS: Snickers is a very thin 5 year old, 12.5 pound small beagle boy who has obviously been on his own for a while. He’s super sweet and is good with other dogs. Snickers still has some vetting to complete, but he will be available soon for fostering or adoption.

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  1. Hi I am interested in fostering Snickers and had submitted a foster application a week or 2 ago. When do you anticipate Snickers will be available for fostering or adoption?

    • Janet

      Hi Erin – We checked through our applications and did not see one from you. Could you please submit the application again? If you might be interested in adoption, please use the form at: You can make a note on the application that you are interested in fostering and Snickers. Regarding Snickers, we are working to get that little guy healthier before he is made available for fostering or adoption. We’re not sure yet when he will be available.

      • Thanks Janet, I submitted the adoption application on the 19th along with a note re Snickers/Fostering. I hope it went through to BREW.

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