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Published: November 15, 2018

I've Been Adopted!

UPDATE - 22 JANUARY 2019: Snix was wild about the first snowfall, tunneling her nose along and whirling about in an attempt to make her own snixangel. She is such a special girl, and we learn about the mysteries of her personality every day.

UPDATE - 9 JANUARY 2019: Entering the New Year, Snix is down 7 lbs and counting. She no longer is reluctant to cross a street; she enters the intersection in her leotard and headband, calling out "make it burn!" and "no pain, no gain!" We have seen Snix taking more interest in her surroundings and her humor improve as she loses the weight. She actually has a sweet little waist now. Make sure to visit Snix at the next adoption day!

UPDATE - 12 DECEMBER 2018: With her dental work safely behind her, Snix can relax. The vet reports that she lost four pounds in her first 2 weeks of foster care. Warning: everyone who meets Snickerdoodle falls hopelessly in love with her.

UPDATE - 27 NOVEMBER 2018: Snickerdoodle is an amazing dog! We were excited to learn that if we clap our hands, Snix will give us a pawshake. She loves to go on walks; she is like those drivers who go 15 miles under the speed limit but don't stop for stop lights or signs, they just keep trucking! She likes to go at her own pace and will become quite offended if you hurry her, to the point that she will lay down if you pull excessively on her leash. Snix can be extremely dramatic, especially when it's time to go for a ride in the car. She will fling open doors to look at you with exasperation: Come on!! Snix is not food-motivated at all and in fact, she is quite a picky and dainty eater.

UPDATE - 19 NOVEMBER 2018: Snickerdoodle is a delightful houseguest who loves to be with people. She finds it tough to haul 20-30 extra pounds up the stairs after you, and she will stand at the bottom of stairs barking "It would be a lot easier if you would just come back down here!" but then finally climb up slowly and surely. Snix' bark sounds like a smoker's cough: Ho! HO! or YO! Yo! After her initial entrance into our house, which found her growling and barking at the resident dogs, she settled in quickly and now enjoys being a part of the pack. Snix will pee and poop while on the leash and walks easily along; sometimes she limps but that is especially if she has stayed in one position for too long. She needs to strengthen her legs and we are talking her on 20 minute walks about five times a day. She sleeps in the crate at the foot of our bed every night and hid in there when she heard the vacuum. Snix loves car rides, and is very partial to her foster pop.

NEW - 15 NOVEMBER 2018: Snickerdoodle came to BREW when she was discovered in a hoarding situation and needed to be removed from her owner. She currently weighs nearly 60 pounds and needs to lose a lot of weight. She still has some vetting to complete, and then she will be heading to a foster home where we will work on getting her weight to where it should be (mid-30s). She is a beautiful girl and very friendly. She will be available soon.

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  1. I filled out an application for Snickerdoodle.

    • Janet

      Hi Dana – Thank you for filling out an application for Snickerdoodle! We will be assigning a volunteer to contact you directly to go over your application.

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