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Published: January 2, 2018

Adoption Pending!

UPDATE - 5 JANUARY 2018: Hi, Everyone! I have been in my foster home for all of 2018 and wanted to give you a quick update of what I have taught my foster family thus far.

First and foremost, I am beyond cute and cuddly. I am so soft and snuggly everyone here just wants to pet me and give me belly rubs...I am fine with that! I sit calmly with my human foster brother who is 7 years old. He loves to read me books and I sit and listen to every word. I also cuddle up next to my dog foster brother...sometimes he looks at my foster mom and says, "Um really?" but he hasn't moved or growled or anything so I must have passed his test. I love to be around my foster mom and I kind of follow her around the house, especially if she is in the kitchen cooking. She says, "Smallsies you sure do know your way around a kitchen. You are right by me when I cook and sit down to eat." Well hello I am a beagle!!

My foster mom also learned that I already know the commands for Sit, Stay, and Lie Down. (Full disclosure here: Sometimes when a treat is coming I get a little excited and she has to repeat her request for me to Sit.) I love to go out on walks, even in this cold, cold weather. I pull a little on my leash on the way out because I am so excited to be out getting exercise and getting my nose to the ground. I am much calmer on the way back home. I am friendly with other dogs we encounter on walks, and when the neighbors came over to meet me they didn't want to leave because I was letting them give me belly rubs for a whole hour. I keep my crate dry when my foster family is not home and so far the only times I have barked (OK bellowed) are when the pesky stray cat in the neighborhood dares to come into my line of vision. I love to play with dog toys...I throw them in the air and run laps around the house with them in my mouth. When I curl up to relax or sleep my foster mom calls me a Smally Bally and it makes me smile.

I have a super comfy bed and blanket for nighttime, and I sleep all night long. When I hear the alarm go off in the morning I trot right up to my foster mom, stare at her, and wag my tail back and forth back and forth until she acknowledges me. She can't help but give me kisses each morning because, well, have I mentioned I am cute?! I am mostly tan and black. Three of my four paws look like they were dipped in white paint. My fourth paw has one 1 white spot on it. My chest has some white, and of course the very tip of my tail. My foster mom says my eyes are a beautiful medium brown shade. She says all of those features make me a super cutie pie!!

So to sum it all up: I am super adorable; I know my name and some basic commands but I am so eager to learn more because I am not only cute I am smart; I love to be around my foster family for playing, snuggling, and to help my human foster brother with his reading homework; I like to find dog toys and run around with them; I like breakfast and dinner time and treats after walks; I am working on not pulling on my leash and telling my foster mom if I need to go out (She's a mom, she's busy...I get it. So if I need to go out before she is ready to take me I should tell her.). Overall, I think I am a great guy and everyone here agrees.

Thanks for reading my update. Love, Smalls

INITIAL IMPRESSIONS: Smalls comes to BREW as a stray from southern Maryland. He is a sweet boy who is short and stocky and gets along great with other dogs and people. Smalls just went to a foster home, so we will be learning more about him soon.

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  1. Smalls sounds like a super sweet boy for our BREW alum Molly. After losing Tonka (also BREW alum) to cancer in November, she seems pretty sad. I was hoping Smalls would be at the adoption day here in Manassas so we could meet him! Can you tell me any more about him? He’s beautiful?

    • Janet

      Smalls is being fostered near Lancaster, PA. Since you are a prior BREW adopter, I will put you in touch with someone who can talk to you directly about Smalls and how to go about meeting him.

      • That would be great! He looks so adorable and his bio suggests he may be a perfect addition to our family?

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