Age: 4 Years Gender: Male
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Published: July 24, 2017

I've Been Adopted!

UPDATE - 1 JANUARY 2018: Dobby has been with his new foster family for about two months and is doing great. According to his foster mom, Dobby is the most handsome boy in town....there’s got to be some Bassett in this long gorgeous guy (a.k.a Slinky)! He is sweet & gentle, loves to snuggle & be loved and can fall asleep anywhere (including standing up!) He is house trained, does not get into things and listens well. He is generally quiet and entertains himself with toys, napping or just just hanging out. He’s great in the car and with other dogs.

You would need to work with him if you want to crate him while you are away as he has some separation anxiety with being left alone in this small of a space... otherwise he loves his crate and will go in on his own for a nap, with a bone or just to chill without any issues. He would probably not do well in an apartment/condo/townhouse but would thrive in a single family home with lots of space to run! Also be sure to “let sleeping dogs lie” with Dobby, if you stir him too fast he has been known to get grumpy .... (can you blame him??) ?

UPDATE - 25 OCTOBER 2017: Slinky (now Dobby) has returned to BREW after deciding that living with small children is not his thing. Dobby is 4 years old and loves people and other dogs, but he sometimes needs his space and doesn't like to be woken up by little people. Dobby lived in home for a couple of months and was house trained (although he might need a refresher), loved to go on walks, followed his favorite adult human everywhere, and got along great with the resident lab. He did great with young children when he was up and about. He is now with a foster family and looking for a new forever home.


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  1. We are very interested in Tobby. I have had two wonderful beagles I adopted from BREW. My first was Megan. She was with me for over 13 years. Currently I have Tucker’s (his name registered with BREW was Tusk). I adopted him 14 years ago and he will turn 16 this summer.

    I do believe we can give Dobby a wonderful home. We have a fenced in backyard that we allow our dogs, we also have a female American Bulldog now with Tucker, are always with someone out there. We walk our dogs often in the neighborhood and have a trainer we work with to instill basic commands and manners.

    Tucker had severe separation anxiety as well as was extremely shy around others. He was not fond of little ones. We do not have kids, but we do have several kids on our street. Eventually Tucker became used to them over time as we taught the kids how to best approach him. Tucker is also a bagel so we are familiar with the little quirks of the mix.

    Unfortunatley we will be away next weekend and will be unable to meet Dobby then. Would it be possible for us to meet him soon. He really seems like the perfect addition to our family.

    Thank you so much.

    Best regards,
    Jodi (Leitzinger) Wiktor

    • Janet

      Hi Jodi – Thank you for prior support of BREW and for your interest in Dobby. He is a great boy! Since you have adopted from BREW in the past, someone will contact you directly via email to talk to you about Dobby.

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