Age: 4 Years Gender: Male
adultGood with dogsHas a cluemaleMediumPotties on leash
Published: July 24, 2017

I'm Available!

Slinky (now Dobby) has returned to BREW after deciding that living with small children is not his thing. Dobby is 4 years old and loves people and other dogs, but he sometimes needs his space and doesn't like to be woken up by little people. Dobby lived in home for a couple of months and was house trained (although he might need a refresher), loved to go on walks, followed his favorite adult human everywhere, and got along great with the resident lab. He is in the process of  getting checked out by our vet as he transitions back to BREW. If you would like to meet Dobby, he will be coming to the November 4th Adoption Day in Lorton, VA.

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