Age: 3 Years Gender: Female
adultFemaleGood with dogsMedium
Published: February 6, 2018

Adoption Pending!

UPDATE - 13 MARCH 2018 (from Shyla's new foster dad): Shyla is integrating well with my other four hounds. She likes to sleep with Mary. She will definitely make some adopter very happy. She has a great personality. Being a stray, we thought she would have accidents in the house. So far, no accidents. She does her business outside. She loves to run around our half acre back yard.

UPDATE - 10 MARCH 2018: Shyla went to her new foster home today. She was able to join us at the adoption event where she loved getting belly rubs and trotting around after some of the other dogs. We were surprised she wasn't adopted, but now we will be able to learn more about her from her new foster family.

INITIAL IMPRESSIONS: This sweet little beagle girl is named Shyla. She is about 3 years old, very affectionate, playful and loves belly rubs!!! She's great with people and other dogs. She was a stray at the Louisa County Animal Shelter in Virginia, so her history is unknown. She will be available soon for fostering or adoption.

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  1. How is Shyla in the car? I have an 8 year old/young BREW alum (Molly) who is very dominant. She met Shyla at the last adoption event but they didn’t really interact much. We’re looking for a companion for Molly, after we lost Tonka to cancer in November.

    • Janet

      Hi Vicki – I’m so sorry, but Shyla already has an adopter lined up. I’m not surprised since she was a hit at the last adoption event. I hope you will consider some of our other adoptable beagles. We always have plenty, and I’m sure there is a match for Molly in the bunch. I’ll have Karen or Mary Lou contact you directly since you are a prior adopter.

  2. Curious … My Bo is a little shy … Lost his sister on Christmas Eve … He is 16 pounds … Because of his personality would like to adopt a female at about the same weight .. What does Shyla weigh? Is she shy?

    • Janet

      Hi Don – We are very sorry to hear about your loss (and Bo’s), especially on the day before Christmas. Thank you for considering adopting again. We just got Shyla, so we don’t know much about her yet. She is about 20 pounds and is friendly and loves belly rubs. If you are interested in possibly adopting from BREW, please fill out an application at Once we receive your application and fee, we will assign a volunteer to talk to you more about Shyly and our other adoptable beagles.

  3. Interested in fostering. What’s the process? I have two beagles and two bassets. I’ve fostered and adopted for BROOD. I live in Mechanicsville, just north of Richmond.

    • Janet

      Hi Larry – Thank you for your interest in fostering for BREW! We are always in need of good foster homes for our beagles. You can find information about fostering at There is a link to our fostering application at the bottom of the page. Once we receive your application, our foster coordinator will contact you directly.

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