Age: 5 years Gender: Female
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Published: May 29, 2016

I've Been Adopted!

7 FEBRUARY 2017: Shelby has been in my house for a few months now and doing very well.  She's crate trained but doesn't really like it and mostly house trained (90%) if you keep her on a schedule, pay attention to her signals and let her out regularly.  She gets along with other dogs but can be a little vocal if she doesn't want to play, wants her space or at strangers.  She is affectionate, likes to play and loves toys.  I originally thought she was a fence climber but instead she is a deck diver so she needs a home with a fenced yard and a deck that is well maintained so she can't get between the pickets or anything close that will allow her jump over.  Fortunately the few times she has gotten out, she stays in the yard and barks at the front door to come in.  If there is no fence yard, she would do fine in home where she was walked regularly.

First impressions: Shelby is a 5 year old female that is friendly and good with other dogs.  She has moderate energy and was a stray in Amelia County, so her history is unknown.

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