Shelby (aka Bonnet)

Published: May 11, 2017

After 14.5 years of loving devotion, we said goodbye to our sweet puppy Shelby (aka Bonnet). We got Shelby from Brew as a tiny puppy. She was only 8lbs, if that, and you could hold her in one hand. Shelby was a happy girl, full of spunk and loved to play with her big sister Sarah. She was an avid nap taker, cuddler, and foodie. She brought so much joy to our lives and we'll miss her terribly. Thank you Brew for allowing Shelby to choose us.

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  1. Erin

    We are so very sorry hear of your loss but happy for the many wonderful memories you shared with your sweet beagle. Thank you for giving Shelby a wonderful home!

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