Scooby Doo — Where Are You???

Published: April 13, 2011

Kathy and Danny Long
My name is Scooby Doo Long (my BREW name was Samuel). My parents (Kathy and Danny Long) adopted me in February, 2004. My foster mom's name was Nancy, and my parents drove all the way from Williamsport, PA to a town right outside of Philadelphia to adopt me.
My mom did a lot of research about beagles and found the BREW website, and she decided that she wanted to adopt a "rescued" beagle. I was a stray from West Virginia, and to tell to the truth, I can't remember a whole lot about my past. I loved being at my foster mom's house. She had a couple of her own beagles (all girls - and they were really cute!!) so I had a lot of fun playing with them and getting to use the doggy door and the fenced-in yard. She sure was good to me! But then my mom and dad came to get me. I slept all the way to my new home because I was so worn out.

I met my new sister Sierra (she is a 7 year old lab-mix) and my new brother Josh (he is a 16 year old human). Right away I jumped on Sierra thinking "how can she resist me - I am so handsome and playful!!". Boy, did I have a rude awakening. She had been the only dog in the house and never had to put up with a pesky little brother. She was a little grouchy, but I figured she couldn't resist my charm forever. And guess what else? My mom and dad wanted me to go outside to do my business!! Well, at my foster home I had a doggy door to use and I could follow the other beagles out, but here I had a big door that was closed all the time. It was much easier just staying inside where it was warm. Would you want to go out in the cold just to do your business?? Needless to say, my mom was pretty upset that I couldn't get the hang of it. She called BREW and they gave her some tips about training me (actually, I trained HER to notice when I have to go since mostly I am too busy to run to the door). Now that she has the hang of knowing when I have to go, I'm pretty reliable - she says I'm about 99% trained. I still have to go in my crate when they go to work and at bedtime, but they told me they are going to start letting me out a little bit at a time. Actually, I love to hide on the couch when she is getting ready for work - I sit really still and think that maybe they won't notice me. Guess what? It worked one morning. She was so busy getting ready to go that she forgot to put me in the crate. I was out for 8 whole hours and didn't make a mess or chew or anything!!! My favorite thing in the WHOLE WORLD is jumping off my mom & dad's new deck!! They haven't put steps on the one end and I just love to fly off of it. Every night my sister and I get a "chewy" from my Dad. We pester him when he comes home from work until he gives us one. I love coming in from the outside too cause every time I do this little dance (my mom calls it the "boney dance" ) I get half of a meaty bone! Humans are SO easy to train. All you have to do most of the time is look cute, or sit, or lay down and you get a treat! I went to obedience school, too. And yes, I was the "teacher's pet". They said they had never seen a beagle so easy to train. My dad and I even won the Simon Says contest on the last day of class. I won this really cool stuffed animal, which I promptly pulled all the stuffing out all over the whole yard!! It looked like it had snowed. My yard is fenced in now, so I can run all over the place and bark at EVERYTHING! I am quite proud of my "bay".

Well, this is getting pretty long. I just wanted to say that "thank you" to BREW for rescuing me. I love my new home and family. They say I am the most spoiled beagle ever.

Oh yeah - as for the question, "Scooby Doo - Where Are You? I now have an answer for that. I am in my "forever home"!!!

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