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Published: August 20, 2012

I've been adopted!

Age: 4-5 years

Gender: Male

NEW: Rusty has been with us for a month now and he has settled in perfectly. He continues to get along with our other two dogs and is just a very happy, playful boy.  He is healthy, well-adjusted and confident - and at the same time he is submissive to the alpha dog in the house. When the older dogs get tired of playing, he will quietly entertain himself with toys. Rusty is quite a meticulous nester when he gets ready for a nap. He will walk in circles, kneading the dog bed for a long long time before getting comfortable.

Rusty loves walking on the leash, but he can get rather excitable at the start of a walk. He is a smart boy and I think he would be a brilliant student in obedience classes. He is crate-trained and well-behaved in the car. He enjoys being both inside and outside. He has been one of our easiest dogs due to his friendly and loving nature.  For all of these reasons, we highly recommend Rusty as a great addition to any family and we think he would be excellent with children as well.

Earlier: Rusty has only been with us for a few days and he's already proven to be a very lovable dog. We had a houseful when he arrived and he warmed up to everyone right away. He also is getting along with our other two dogs tremendously.  We gave Rusty a bath on his first day here and he was very good for that too. He has a happy playful disposition and loves to play with toys, sometimes three at a time! He even barks at himself in the mirror! It might be too soon to tell for sure, but Rusty has kept his crate clean and there have been no accidents in the house. When Bob brought Rusty to us, he reported that Rusty was quiet in the car and that he pottied on the leash. So overall, we have been quite impressed by Rusty and think he would make an easy and happy addition to any household.

Rusty is 4-5yr old male, he is friendly, playful, good with other dogs but was a stray at Louisa Co. Animal Shelter so his history is unknown.

Sponsored by: Jeff Barr in Honor Of Max Beagle

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  1. Janice Burness

    We are looking for a big brother to our beagle girl who is about 8 or 9 (not sure how old as she was adopted) Sadly, we had to say good-bye to our beloved beagle Duce on Christmas Eve. He was about 15 years old, and he was wonderful. About how much does Rusty weigh? We are looking for a smaller beagle. Thank you very much for fostering him! 🙂

  2. Christine

    If he was adopted I didn’t know about it. I am still fostering him!

  3. Christine

    Rusty would be a perfect friend for an alpha. He is very submissive to our alpha. He’s playful, good natured and I have never heard him growl or show any sign of aggression whatsoever. We also discovered that Rusty will play fetch, which is unusual for a beagle! Have you contacted BREW about adopting him?

  4. Maggie

    I read that Rusty was adopted – is that true? He seemed to be a perfect match for us – but if he found his “forever home” – that’s great! Let me know!

    • Christine

      I answered your questions in a separate post.

  5. Maggie

    I have already been cleared through BREW – I am interested in Rusty – we are going to have a grandchild in March – do you think that will work out with her? We have a 12 year old beagle who is definitey the alpha dog – we had to put our other beagle down last January – do you think that would be a match?

    • Christine

      Maggie, please fill out an application if you have not done that yet.

  6. Christine

    Yes, he is also neutered!

  7. Theresa

    We have 2 daughters wanting a rescue dog, and we love Beagles. Rusty looks and seems like a super dog from his bio. Is he neutered and up to date with the vet?

    • Christine

      Yes, Rusty is up to date on shots. BREW always provides a copy of medical records. Rusty is in great health.

  8. Patrick

    How do you think Rusty would be with Kids trying to find the right one for our family

    • Christine

      Sorry it took me so long to notice your question Patrick. I think Rusty would be fantastic with kids. He is very loving and playful!

  9. He looks so curious! And handsome to boot!

  10. Good luck in finding a forever home ASAP Rusty.

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