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Published: February 25, 2018

I've Been Adopted!

UPDATE - 8 MARCH 2018 (from Ruby's new foster family):  Ruby has been a typical 9 month old beagle puppy! Very soft and cuddly, when awake, always full of energy. She's starting to get her feel of the place, and sometimes a little too much! She's already trashed an old blanket we had on the doggie couch upstairs (yesterday's project) and today started on a couch cover downstairs. 🙁 Fortunately it's an inexpensive cover. Our three resident dogs are already acting like "when she gonna leave?!!!" Daisy and Dixie Lou do like wrestling with her, but she's quick! She tends to get the best of then at times!

Ruby learned the doggie door the first day she was here, and the back yard stairs. Inside stairs were mastered last night. She knows she's supposed to do her business outside, but has had accidents inside. She's learned mealtime manners around the others at breakfast & dinner time. And she's striving to be an accomplished counter surfer. Just needs about 2-3 inches more of growth to reach table top! Maybe a bit more for kitchen counters!

Ruby would do great with a family that already has a young beagle and wants another as a companion.

INITIAL IMPRESSIONS: Ruby comes to BREW by way of Madison County Virginia where she was a stray. At the beginning of February she wandered up on a porch and scratched at the door to be let in. Since it was cold and getting colder, the couple took her in while they tried to find her people. After several weeks of checking vets and local shelters they asked for BREW to step in and find her a home. Ruby is estimated to be 9 months old and weighs 14 ½ pounds. She likes people and dogs and is “mostly” housetrained. Please stand by while we get her vet work done and find out a little more about her

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  1. My husband and I both held baby Ruby an week ago. She is precious and loving. Our application is complete and are awaiting an update.
    I know she would make Our Madison and excellent sister since our girl is from Madison County and that is how she got her name. Thank you

    • Janet

      Hi Adrienne and Phil – Ruby is very sweet and has many applicants interested in her. Thank you for sending in an application. We obviously can’t make any promises regarding Ruby, but you should be hearing back from a volunteer soon.

  2. Great! I have filled out an adoption application and paid the $15. Just waiting for the phone call. Thanks for the update.

    • (From Ruby’s foster family): BREW wants Ruby fostered a bit more to really see what’s she’s like. Typically, both when fostered and when adopted, a beagle has that “I’m not sure I can get away with this!” attitude, then after about 3-4 weeks, a new personality emerges. Sometimes it’s good, sometimes problems emerge that were not there at the start (like maybe reverting back to non-housebroken mode).
      Ruby has fallen in the above, very timid and not sure what she can do to now just what can I drag in or out the doggie door. She’s fallen in love with our GoDog toys, especially the big Dino which she thinks needs re-homing in the back yard amongst the bamboo.
      Please re-read the adoption process. If you’ve adopted before form Brew, it’s painless, but if you haven’t, there’s still an interview and the home visit to pass and after that, one of the Brew staff can put you in touch with us via email if you’d like to come to our place to check her out.

  3. Hello
    Is Ruby still available for adoption? Where is she located?

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