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Published: November 24, 2013

I've Been Adopted!Rover

Age: 2 years

Gender: Male

UPDATE - 21 MARCH 2014: Hi all, Rover here.  I have been having a good time with my foster family, but what I would really like is a family to call my own!

Let me tell you a bit about myself.  I am about 2 years old and perfectly slim at 25 pounds.  I understand what "house trained" is and I am reliable about doing my business outside.  I do need a daily schedule and it helps if folks pay attention to my signals, too.  I will come to you to let you know I need to go out.  Sometimes, I even go to the door to let you know.

I really like to be near the people. When you pick me up, I go limp and I like to be held like a baby for a tummy rub.  I am not overly active or excessively vocal, but I am busy enough that you will know I am around.  I love to play with stuffed toys.  By "play" I mean that I love to attack them and get the squeaky thing out.

Because I am just a young guy, I still like to explore things with my mouth.  I can be destructive if no one pays attention.  But, give me something I am allowed to chew on and I will be happy with that.  I am proud to say that I have learned "sit" and "stay."  When I meet someone new, I don't jump up.  I try to sit quietly next to them for a pat on the head or ear scratch.  I really want my family to help me learn more about good manners and even tricks.

Foster mom tells me that I must tell you that I will jump fences and dash out the front door.  Here at the foster home, the backyard has a 6-foot privacy fence and I haven't tried to jump that one.  I ran out the front door once and scared everyone by running right into the street! I didn't get far though and ran back when I heard "Rover, treat!"

I think I would like to be the only dog in my family, but having a doggy brother or sister would be okay, too.  I do not want any cats in my house!  I get very excited around cats; they seem to bring out the hunter in me.

I love to take leash walks, and I am learning better manners when I am on lead.  I will go potty on lead.  When no one is home, I spend time in my crate.  I know it is time to go to my crate when my foster person puts a cookie in it for me.  I also sleep in my crate at night.  I usually sleep right through the night, but if I become restless and vocal in my crate during the night, I need to go outside to potty!

And, yes, these are my real, actual photos as taken by a real, professional photographer.  I am just that handsome!  Thank you, Angela of Pooch Smooch Photography, for taking my pictures and allowing me to use them to find my forever home.

NEWS - 19 FEBRUARY 2014: Rover knows how to "sit" and "shake a paw"!

Rover came to BREW from Madison County, VA, where he was an owner surrender with his brother, Martin. He is very friendly and good with other dogs. Both boys were already fully vetted and are ready for adoption. We'll know more about Rover once he moves into a foster home. Stay tuned!

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  2. Sharon Metzger

    I just filled out an adoption application for Rover. Waiting to hear from you. Fingers crossed.

    • ErinS

      Hi, Sharon – BREW is currently reviewing quite a few applications right now (many of them for puppies), but a volunteer should be in touch soon. Thanks for your interest!

      • Sharon Metzger

        Great. We are looking forward to hearing from you and getting our new little boy asap. Thanks so much

  3. linda schofer

    We would be very interested in possibly adopting Rover. We live i Pa. How is transportation arranged?

    • Laura w/ BREW


      We do not transport beagles to you. You would need to be able to drive to meet the dog and the foster family. I believe Rover is in PA.

  4. Sarah De Bruin

    Rover looks adorable! Can you give me more information about him? How is he with children?

  5. Tina Chester

    We are interested in knowing more about him once he is on foster care!

    Tina Chester

  6. Stephanie Oster

    We are very interested in fostering Rover. We currently have 2 brew beagles and know we could provide a great foster home for him. Is he still available?

    • ErinS

      Hi, Stephanie – thanks for your interest in fostering! Someone will be in touch with you soon, if not already!

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