Rosie Fills a Void

Published: April 16, 2011

We've adopted Rosie as of last Thursday. Our dog Lacey of 5 years was lost to us two weeks ago due to kidney failure. We were devastated. Then, I found the brew beagle web site and there was Rosie. We love her. She's soooooooo sweet. Adopting her was just what we needed to fill the emptiness we felt in our home. The experience of adoption through brewbeagles was very exciting. We thoroughly enjoyed searching the web for our match and boy did we get a perfect match. Rosie is a bundle of joy, loves kids, animals and anyone or anything that will give her attention. She's quiet but playful, always up for some fun and about as much of a cuddle bunny as they come. She is very well behaved and enjoying her new home. Rosie is really exploring her new huge back yard. We formally introduced Rosie to the beagle friendly neighborhood on Sunday night at the annual hayride and bon fire that we host. Rosie was found to be riding the hayride often and lapping up the attention from anyone who would give it to her. There were plenty of beagle kisses! She has been loving the car ride -- playing mascot in the morning in our car pool too. Her gentle, carefree nature is soothing to all of us and we are thankful that we were able to find and adopt her through brew beagles.

Thanks to all of the people who give so much of their time rescuing these precious dogs!

by John & Nancy Sargent

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