Age: 2 Years Gender: Male
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Published: January 31, 2018

I've Been Adopted!

UPDATE - 26 JUNE 2018: Roger is a super sweet beagle boy. He has the softest fur! He loves to give lots of kisses. He is very high energy! He and his foster brother Beauregard are non-stop! They love to run and chase and wrestle. They also snuggle together too. Roger does not seem to be dominant. He seems to have a clue about house-training, but he has had some accidents. He definitely still has some puppy qualities, such as chewing. He is a lot of fun and looking forward to finding his forever home.

UPDATE - 16 JUNE 2018: Roger joined us at the Ellicott City adoption event and was the sweetest boy! He really loved kids - gave them kisses and seemed to love their attention. He has the softest fur! He jumps a little too much and pull on his leash, but he has only been in his foster home for a week, so he just needs some time to learn the ropes of being someone's pet. We were all very impressed with his progress so far!

UPDATE - 9 JUNE 2018: Roger finally found a foster home! He went to his new foster home today, so stay tuned as we learn more about this friendly, energetic guy!

NEW - 17 FEBRUARY 2018: Roger comes to BREW from Fredericksburg, Virginia. He and Marin were apprehended while wandering around town with another friend. They are both believed to be about 2 years old. Roger is now fully vetted and waiting to find a foster or forever home.

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