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Published: September 23, 2018

I've Been Adopted!

UPDATE - 5 NOVEMBER 2018: Riley has been in his foster home a little over a month and has proven to be a super easy going boy. He loves finding a place on the couch to catch some shuteye before heading outside to see what smells might have turned up in the yard since his last visit. He will run after the squirrels but he is not a fast runner so the squirrels have nothing to worry about. Riley will bark at them and other wildlife - he has a nice deep bark that never really gets very loud. Thankfully, he is quiet inside unless he is chasing one of the cats. He makes no real effort to catch them and they, like the squirrels, don't seem particularly concerned. Riley can be a touch grumpy when someone gets in his face and he ins't up for it, so he probably isn't for a family with very young children. Riley will sit nicely for a treat and will take it gently. Riley enjoys walks and walks nicely on a leash. He gets along well with the other dogs in the house. He is also house trained.

NEW - 22 SEPTEMBER 2018: Riley is a owner give-up by a service member deploying to Hawaii this fall. The family vet was concerned about Riley, given his age, making the long trip to Hawaii and then, possibly another trip in a couple of years. The owners made the hard decision to give him up so that he could find a new loving home. Riley just arrived in his foster home and is doing great with the rest of the pack. He is a stocky boy weighing in at about 45 pounds.

This is what his owner had to say about him: Riley is a mild mannered couch potato. He is 11 years old and has been with us since he was 6 weeks old. Though he is 11, he still has quite a bit of energy and loves to chase squirrels and rabbits in the back yard. Being a beagle, he tends to be very vocal when hearing sirens and people knocking on the door. He often spends his days relaxing on the couch, and also likes laying in front of windows in direct sunlight.

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