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Published: September 5, 2013

I've Been Adopted!


Age: 1-2 years

Gender: Male

Remy had a wonderful Christmas and New Year's playing with all of his new toys from Santa.  However, he is still waiting eagerly to find his forever home.  Since his last update he has learned to master the stairs and is no longer afraid of them.  In fact, he now prefers to be upstairs cuddled on the bed!  When he does have to sleep downstairs in his crate next to his foster brother, he is upset and will bark, but quiets down after a few minutes.  He is capable of spending the entire night out of a crate, but due to our work/sleep schedules he does have to spend 4 nights out of the week in a crate.

He continues to get along well with our two dogs, though we do separate everyone at feeding times to avoid skirmishes over food.  Remy loves playing with toys with other dogs or humans, and though a few times he and one of his foster brothers have not wanted to share a toy, he lets us take the toy away to avoid any problems.

During the holiday season he enjoyed meeting all the new people that stopped by to visit, and made fast friends with everyone, bringing them toys to play with or curling up on their laps.  He rides well in the car, and also enjoyed going to visit friends and family at their homes.

He would make a great addition to anyone's home, one that already has four legged friends in them or one that does not.   He enjoys playing with our niece so would do well in a home with children as well.  He continues to do well with his housetraining, asking to go out 95% of the time and the other 5% is probably more human error than his.  He can be a little vocal when we first come home to let him out of his crate, but otherwise he is not much of a barker.  He is learning to sit and wait at the door for his leash to be put on, and though he does like to pull when he is on a scent, he is a very smart and eager to please dog, so with patience and training, that should resolve.

Previously -  Remy is a delightful young male dog.  He is full of energy and loves to play at a moment's notice.  He enjoys going to the dog park and running around playing with the other dogs even if they are much bigger then he is.  Remy was found as a stray, however he seems to be very familiar with how to live in a house.  For example, he knows that couches are for sitting on and that in some houses, that doesn't just mean for humans, that the dogs are supposed to jump right up there to sit with humans and snuggle, like he did the first night we had him.  He also knows that when he has to go to the bathroom, it is polite to go to the door and sit to ask to outside, rather then just go on the floor in the house.  The few times he has gotten startled over something (a loud noise, something falling) and he did have an accident, he was very upset with himself, coming over to say he was sorry with tail tucked and down cast eyes. The only part of the house that Remy is unsure of are stairs.  They are very worrisome to him, but he is getting closer to them everyday.  He used to be afraid of the hallway and now he runs up and down that chasing his foster brother in play.

He loves to snuggle and give kisses and enjoys receiving affection in return.  He knows how to sit and will do so eagerly for a treat.  He takes treats nicely from us, not trying to take our fingers as well.  He gets along with our two dogs, but would do just as fine in a house without other dogs.  He does well in his kennel during the day while we are gone, keeping it clean and dry and only barks when first get home and he wants out.

Remy is a 1-2 yr old neutered male, fully vetted.  He is friendly, playful and good with people and dogs.  He was a stray in Culpepper, VA. so his history is unknown.

7 Responses

  1. Is Remy still available and if so would it be possible to meet him?

    • ErinS

      Hi, Brett – sorry about the delay. Remy is available for adoption at this time. Arrangements can be made for approved adopters to meet dogs, and it may also be possible to meet Remy at one of our northern Virginia events – dogs expected to be at events will have a note in their profiles a few days before (next event is in Alexandria on the 18th). Information on the adoption process can be found HERE. Thanks for your interest!

  2. Lily Mackenzie-Gutierrez

    Hello, I was wondering If Remy is still available and if I could meet him at an adoption fair?

    • ErinS

      Hi, Lily – Remy is currently available, and he is scheduled to attend BREW’s 14 December adoption day at the Alexandria, VA Petco (weather-permitting!). If you are considering adoption, you may want to take a look at information on the process HERE.

  3. Deb Szymanik

    What a handsome, regal beagle boy! Remy is delightful. Praying he finds his forever home soon or at least gets into a foster home so we can learn more about him.

  4. Sharon Bonner

    What size (height/weight) is Remy?

    • ErinS

      Hi, Sharon – I had the pleasure of photographing Remy at the last adoption day. As I recall, he was about average size for a beagle, maybe a bit taller and I’d *guess* about 25-28 lbs.

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