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Published: April 4, 2011

I've Been Adopted!

Age: 2-3 years

Gender: Male

Raz is sweet beagle boy. My husband calls him a gentle giant, but he's really not that big. Raz tolerated a bath and a nail clipping. He even let us use a blow dryer. He also learned housetraining rather quickly. Raz has learned to generally ignore the cats. He likes other dogs and doesn't mind at all when they greet him with a sniff. He loves to chew on nylabones and play with stuffed toys. Raz goes into his crate for feeding time and when we leave for the work day. He hasn't made a peep inside the house. Outside he will sometimes bark with excitement when he sees other dogs he wants to play with.
We are teaching Raz to sit for a treat. He hasn't gotten it down yet, but will take the treat from you very gently. Raz loves to go for walks. We recently took him on a nice Fall hike where he scrambled up rocks and forded babbling brooks. He does tend to pull though so an obedience class may be in order. Raz also loves being pet and being given affection. We try to make him feel at home with pats on the head and hugs. When my husband comes home from work, Raz greets him excitedly - jumping and spinning in circles with joy. He's also a calm boy and is happy just to sit at your feet. Raz would make a wonderful addition to a family who is looking for a nice beagle boy that just wants to be loved.

Raz is a 2-3yr old neutered male beagle that is fully vetted and ready to please. He's friendly and calm but playful with other dogs. He's a big beagle boy and was a stray in Louisa Co so his history is unknown.

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4 Responses

  1. Nina

    Hi, I’m in PA looking for a beagle or beagle mix, do you work out transportation for out of state? Or is PA too far?

  2. Teresa

    If you want a sweet but low key boy that gets along with all dogs, this is your beagle!!!

  3. Brandy Duncan

    There on so many BREW beagles that I want. I can’t pick just one!!!

  4. Michele Stanley

    I love this dog. I also have a BREW beagle that came from Louisa Co. shelter. She is the sweetest dog. BREW was so good in working with to get her adopted. I want them all!!

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