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Published: November 7, 2012

I've Been Adopted!

Age: 1-2 years

Gender: Male

Rabbit is back in his foster home.  He was recently lucky enough to meet a family (whose hearts who stole, like a “Bandit”).  The family adores him but after great effort on everyone’s part, they family decided Rabbit would be happier living with a family with another dogs.


It seems our Rabbit has a whole whole lot of separation anxiety when left alone which he had not displayed while in his foster home.  It is obvious that when he is left alone, (without other human or canine company)  he becomes very upset and unhappy.   After three weeks of trying to adjust, Rabbit has been welcomed back to his foster home and has not yet exhibited any of the anxiety he was experiencing when left totally by himself.  He was just fine twice last night (short periods) when left without humans, uncrated and with just his foster beagle sister and brother  to hang with (just as he behaved when this was his home in the past).  We are all very happy about that!  This leads us to believe that Rabbit’s forever home must include another dog.  We are still not sure how he would fare with a cat (vs. dog) companion. .


Later today, he will go to his first adoption day – where he will undoubtedly steal someone else’s heart…




RABBIT arrived at his foster home the Saturday after Thanksgiving.   There is just one word for him.  CHARMING!  He charmed two different pet store workers into giving him “free” stuff before he even arrived at his foster home.  Upon arrival, he warmed right up to permanent residents, beagles Rags and Fred, along with three other beagles who were visiting for the holidays.  Charmed the dogs and my sister’s family who wanted to take him home with them ….he is not yet cat tested but seems to genuinely enjoy children.


Rabbit is a 16 lb. Beagle Jack Russell mix – but don’t let the Jack Russell part scare you.  He looks mostly like a beagle with the exception of his cropped tail (too cute for words) and his front paws which both point out.  His energy level is not at all what I expected of a mix with a Jack Russell.  He plays but is not hyper.  He LOVES to sleep on your lap with his head on your chest and seems generally thrilled to be living in a home that loves him.  He does not like being crated – so he has the run of the house.  Right now, he sleeps in a crate next to my bed at night … but I fear it will not be long before he charms his way into the bed….


He has been terrific with doing his business outdoors.  A few mistakes but really really good. He is walked on a leash and does pull a bit – but with only 16lbs pulling – not too bad.  He is alleged to be a fence climber (we do not have a fence) so his forever home would involve a walking regime as opposed to just a fenced yard.  On the beagle side, he has a beagle appetite but is generally very quiet (as compared with his foster siblings who are loud as hell).


Again, he’s charming and you need to meet him ….I am already dreading the day he finds his forever home…and takes his charm to his very  own new family.


Rabbit is 1-2 yr old neutered male beagle mix, fully vetted.  He is small weighing around 16lbs.  He is super friendly and sweet, gets along great with other dogs and good with children but is a fence climber.  He was a stray in Fluvanna Co. so his history is unknown.



5 Responses

  1. Denise

    We are thrilled to have Rabbit join our family! We have loved him from the day he first arrived and could not longer imagine have having him be with us…we are so luck to have him.

  2. We hunt alot, and wanted to know where is he, Rabbit is a nice for him, he’s small. And cute. I live in maryland

  3. Jo Brown

    Marvelous information about the most charming Rabbit! It looks like the hunt for his family is narrowed down for this special fellow. It also looks like he’s been with BREW a long time waiting. I hope they find him soon!

  4. Jenny Crossen

    He is so cute. And now that my last BREW beagle is at the Rainbow Bridge, I’m in the market for another. You think he might like to move down to NC and have a beagle brother from Atlanta Beagle Rescue?

  5. Deb Szymanik


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