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Published: February 8, 2015

I've Been Adopted!

Pupdate - 6 November 2015 - Queso has now been with me for almost 4 months. I have enjoyed watching his silly little personality emerge as he works through his fears. He is now housetrained, sits for his food, and loves to go on walks with my other dogs in the forest (the three of them take me for a walk!). He is still very timid around people and places he doesn't know and will probably do best in a quieter home with a predictable schedule. I also think Queso would do better in a home with other dogs who can help bring out his personality. Queso is a real cutie and a lot of fun to have around. I have loved having him in my home. Whoever adopts Queso just needs to know that he will require some extra patience and understanding as he adjusts to a new home.

8 AUGUST 2015 - I have been fostering Queso now for 3 weeks. He is a cute little beagle who is finally warming up to me and my household routines and noises. He loves running in the back yard with my other dogs, does very well in his crate when I am at work, and is a happy, playful pup now that he has gained some self-confidence. When I first brought him home, he was afraid of everything. I don't think he has ever lived in a house before, and he would cower at every new sight and sound. Queso has really benefited from having my two very social dogs helping him learn the routines. I give them credit for teaching him that I was safe to approach. He is now very comfortable with me, but I still need to be careful not to move too quickly or make loud noises. Queso is very frightened of strangers - not unusual for a shy guy who probably hasn't had much interaction with humans during his young life. I had visitors last weekend, and he hid under my bed or fearfully huddled against the fence in my back yard. Queso's furrever human(s) will need to be very patient when it comes to introducing him to new people, places, and routines. I have held off on doing any serious leash training while he adjusts to my home, so there is some work to be done there. He is doing a pretty good job of going to the bathroom in the back yard, but he isn't entirely housebroken. Overall, Queso is a great little beagle with a lot of personality who is worth the extra time and patience he requires.

22 JULY 2015: Queso was very timid the first day I brought him home, and even on Sunday, but he is really coming along very nicely. He reminds me of Weizen and will definitely need a quiet home with other dogs. He startles easily and is still hesitant if I approach him or move too quickly, but he is getting better. He loves to be loved on and is starting to realize I am one of the good guys.

He also loves his new bed, which is in the bottom of his cage. Yesterday, he collected all the toys and dragged them into the cage. What a sweetie!

18 JULY 2015: Queso spent today's adoption day on the lap of a volunteer.  He convinced her to take him home as a foster.  When she got up to get him a collar/leash and a new bed all his own, he curled up on the chair to save her spot!

First impressions: Queso is a 1-year-old male beagle who will be available soon [update: Queso is now fully vetted and available!].  He is friendly but cautious and good with other dogs. Queso is more confident when he's with another, better-socialized dog.  He was a stray at the Louisa County (Virginia) Animal Shelter, so his history is unknown.

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  1. Any update on Queso?

    • Erin

      Hi, Sharon – Queso’s profile is now updated!

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