I Want a Puppy

In order to adopt a pup from us, you will go through the same process as a family looking for an adult beagle. However, we are often more particular about our puppy adopters because we are aware that puppies can be more "difficult" than an adult dog.

During the telephone interview and your homecheck we will discuss the "special needs" of a beagle puppy.


Under NO circumstances do we allow pups to be given as "surprise" gifts for birthdays, Christmas or any other occasion. Puppies require a serious commitment and some people are not willing to undertake that commitment. Every person in your family must be aware of the impending arrival of the new family member. BREW beagle puppies are to be adopted as family members, not gifts.
Our experience has shown that many puppies "bought" as gifts will be a "shelter" dog in a matter of months, if not days. BREW is regularly inundated with young beagles in April, May and June. These beagles were given as Christmas presents. Often the wonderful gift idea has become a chewing, urinating, pooping, barking nuisance rather than a cherished family member. Please reconsider if you are planning on purchasing an animal as a "gift". Consider a houseplant instead.