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Published: March 31, 2011

I've Been Adopted!


Age: 6 years
Gender: Female

UPDATE 1/20/11:

Adorable Fairy-Tale Pumpkin

Update 5/29/2011: Pumpkin came to stay with me less than a month ago. She is a total joy to have in my home. She is incredibly affectionate and loves to cuddle. She is great with other dogs, including her much larger foster sister, and wants to greet everyone she meets -- animal and people. She especially likes children, and is very good with any child who will play gently with her or hold her. Pumpkin is so tiny I can hold her in one arm (17 lbs); in fact she sleeps cuddled up in my arms at night.  Pumpkin is a little timid at first; once she gets to know you her tail wags all the time. She tells me when she needs to go out and will potty on the leash without any problem. The only times she's had any problem was when left alone either in the kitchen or in her crate at home or when we've ridden in the car;  she tends to urinate more from insecurity and/or stress at being left/confined in the crate than from a need to go. Pumpkin loves to ride she just doesn't like being confined. She easily spends the night in my room and will wait for me to take her out in the morning with no problem at all

Pumpkin is a tiny little sprite who is very sweet and friendly.  At only 17 lbs., she looks like a puppy and can be very playful.

Pumpkin is a bit timid, but doesn't let that get in the way of asking for lots of pettings.  This Beauty wants a Beast or Fairy Godmother to give her love and attention--she is a super-snuggler.

She is a pretty tri-color--her black has a beautiful orange tint to it, which is probably how she got her name.  Pumpkin has huge ears for her small face, reminding us of Rapunzel's long hair.

Pumpkin is curious like Alice in Wonderland, and is a dainty, but enthusiastic eater.

Pumpkin gets along well with her beagle step-brothers.  Like Cinderella, Pumpkin is happy she doesn't have to sleep in the fireplace anymore. She likes toys, treats and warm dog beds.

Pumpkin is a good Sleeping Beauty and is crate-trained.   She enjoys exploring the yard like Little Red Riding Hood as long as there is a fence to keep out the wolves!

Little Pumpkin is hoping that someday her Prince (or Family) will come!  Won't you rescue this magical girl and turn this Pumpkin into a Princess?

Older info: Pumpkin is mom to the HairDo kids! She came as a stray to the Amelia County shelter and had her pups. A family tried to care for her, but they were moving and had to give her up. She is on the small side and adorable and sweet as can be. And, she is just a little bit of a thing!

Named by Laura Lill!!

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Sponsored By:

  • Jessica Bernstein - We are sponsoring Pumpkin in honor of our beagle Farley, who was our best friend and most wonderful companion. He passed away last June. We miss him every day and hope to help Pumpkin find a wonderful home.
  • Susannah Ashlynn Gonia - love ya babbieee!!!!!
  • Claudia Booker - I have adopted her sweet little puppy Fauxhawk, now Lily. I am very thankful to Pumpkin for bringing my sweet little girl into this world. I want to now help Pumpkin find a forever home of her own!!
  • Robb Agnello & Jerry Pape

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  1. Jessie

    I hope Pumpkin gets adopted soon! She seems like a lovable dog with a heart the size of a pumpkin (you see what I did there?)

    • Laura

      Love the play on words!

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