Age: 2 Years Gender: Female
Bad for apartmentFemaleGood with dogsHigh Energysmallyoung
Published: October 30, 2018

Available Soon!

UPDATE - 7 JANUARY 2019: Prue was adopted back in November, but she is being returned to BREW due to her new owners finding she had a little too much energy and some difficulties with house training. We are having her checked out by our vet, and then she will be available for adoption again. Here is what Prue's previous owners had to say about her:

Prue has many positive qualities. She's full of enthusiasm, cute, loves playing with toys, loves to eat, was protective of us and our home, and a good sleeper through the night. However, Prue is stubborn/head strong, loud, destructive (youthful energy - chewing, digging, barking, getting into things) and not a good listener at this point. She had several accidents in the house (sometimes within a short span after taking her out to go potty), she would also potty in her crate and in the car after having been outside, had some separation anxiety and is a work in progress as far as walking on a leash. I think she might benefit from being in a home with another dog, having more active owners and maybe a rural landscape where she has room to run and roam (fenced, of course). She was the only dog in the house, and we do not have any kids or cats.

NEW - 30 OCTOBER 2018: Prue is a 2-year-old small female who weighs 17 pounds. She very sweet, friendly and good with other dogs. She was a stray at the Fluvanna County Animal Shelter in Virginia, so her history is unknown. She will be available soon.

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