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Published: June 13, 2012

  I've Been Adopted!

Age: 5-6 years old

Gender: Female

Princess has been with us for a month and has completely settled in and adjusted easily to our routine.   She obviously lived in a home.  Princess (who we also call Precious) arrived housetrained and familiar with the pet door.  She loves to go outside and sit on our decks,  roll in the grass, sniff the entire yard,  and check on what is going on outside; but she is also very happy hanging out in the house.  Princess takes her job of yard “critter” control seriously; the squirrels and rabbits now know they had better keep a look out for her – she is very fast!   She loves everyone she meets.   Princess is figuring out where she fits in with our three senior female beagles and senior female chihuahua.  She would love to play, but our pack of 13+ year old seniors are not interested.   Princess is extremely fearful of crates and will bark/howl if in one.  However, we never saw a need to crate her since she is so well behaved in the house.  Since her arrival, she has had complete run of the house.   Princess is an independent beagle; she doesn’t require constant attention and is content to be by herself or hanging out with her “people”. Surprisingly, she isn’t overly worried about food and eating!  She is about 10 pounds overweight, and we are working on helping her slim down.  Princess is absolutely beautiful with such soulful eyes.  She is a wonderful dog.  Princess truly deserves her “own” people and her “own” loving home where she can be spoiled.


Princess, 5-6yr old liver tri-color, fully vetted.  She is friendly, can be vocal, a little plump, low key and good with other dogs.  She came to the Abingdon Shelter already spayed but was a stray.  She was mostly likely someone's pet and is most indignant with kennel life!  She really thinks she is a little princess!!!


4 Responses

  1. Jo Brown

    I agree! Princess is beautiful! She sounds like she is well behaved and ready to adopt a family of her very own!

  2. Geraldine Erikson

    How do you think she would be around children we are a home of 8 children on 5 acres in the country.

  3. Jenny

    She has beautiful eyes!

  4. Deb Szymanik

    Oh she has such a pretty face; and I think the name Princess suits her. While just a little overweight right now, once she gets into a foster or a forever home where she can get out and run and play, she will slim down in no time. The picture of her “snoozing” is calendar worthy!

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