Crash Space Needed!

Want to a help a beagle find a home but not ready to adopt? BREW is in urgent need of new foster homes! Foster families are vital to BREW because they give us a chance to learn about each beagle and work with each one to polish their skills as a pet. Fostering beagles is good for you, too! You will have a continuous source of unconditional love and discover a world of precious personalities. You'll feel really needed.

Yes, fostering can be challenging, and yes, it can be hard to let a foster beagle go, but remember you are making a world of difference to each foster dog and their future families, and you are helping BREW save lives! The more we know about a beagle's behavior and personality and are able to encourage good pet habitats, the better chance he or she has of adoption. And, when your foster beagle is adopted, there will be others eagerly waiting for a foster home!

Don't have any dogs? No problem! Have other pets? We can work with you to find a good match! Don't know about beagles? We'll teach you!

BREW works primarily in and around northern Virginia, Washington D.C., Maryland, eastern Pennsylvania, and Delaware. If you choose to foster, BREW will pay all of the expenses involved for medical care, routine or otherwise, and heartworm preventative. BREW brings in beagles in all shapes and sizes, but most are about 20-30 pounds and relatively young (1-5 years). For more information on fostering for BREW, click here, or fill out a foster home application by clicking here. We look forward to talking with you! Arrrooooooo!


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  1. I recently lost my beautiful beagle of 17 years…. There is now space in my home and heart for some beagle love. I have 22 acres of country space and a bunny patch, perfect for a retired hunter. I have a black and tan coonhound hound and cats, chickens, and a swan. I believe an older dog would be a great fit.

    • Janet

      Hi Kim – We are so sorry to hear about your loss. Our beagle buddies are very special family members, and losing them is hard. Thank you for thinking about adopting another beagle. We have several older dogs who need good homes. To have someone contact you directly, please read about our adoption process and fill out an application at Once we receive your application, we will assign a volunteer to contact you directly. Thank you!

  2. Hi, I have a question. How high should a fence be to allow a beagle to play freely in the enclosed yard? Mine is 3 feet. Is that high enough? Thank you.

    • Janet

      Hi Jenise – To be honest, every beagle is different. We have some who would do fine with a 3-foot fence and others who can climb a 6-foot fence! In general, 3 feet is probably too low for most of our beagles, especially the younger and more energetic beagles. There is also the issue of digging under a fence. Beagles are runners, especially when they spot a squirrel or something that grabs their attention, so the fence needs to be as secure as possible. Bottom line – no beagle should be allowed to play freely in a back yard without supervision, regardless of the size of the fence. I hope that helps!

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