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Published: February 9, 2015

I've Been Adopted!

UPDATE - 30 MAY: Porter has come a long way and is not as skittish & shy as he used to be. Being buddies with Scooby (& Lucy before him) has helped Porter to find his inner beagle! Porter still jumps at sudden noises and needs quiet patience.

28 MARCH 2016: Porter has been in his foster home for about two and half weeks and is now settling in. He is skittish and always using all his senses. He hears, sees, and smells everything! Although, the live-fire noises from Quantico did not seem to freak him out like it does our Dottie. He plays nicely with our two beagle girls and the dogs at the dog park. He had fun at the dog park and likes going for walks, but the noisy neighborhood kids did scare him, and strangers do, too.

Porter has learned how to use our doggie door but is still fearful about going through any door.  He is house-trained, as long as you recognize his signs and let him out. We're working on all of those details.

Porter does love snuggling, tummy rubs, and sleeping in our beds! He's a sweet boy and very gentle about taking treats. He still needs calm patience to help him through every experience, but he's worth it!

First Impressions: Porter is a 8-month-old male beagle who will be available after his vetting is completed [update: Porter is now fully vetted and about a year old!]. He is friendly but cautious and good with other dogs. Porter is more confident when he's with another, better-socialized dog.  He was a stray at the Louisa County (Virginia) Animal Shelter, so his history is unknown.


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  1. Hi ! My husband and I are looking to adopt a second beagle. We have one beagle that we adopted as a puppy. Her name is Dixie. She is almost 2 years old. She was part of a litter born in the woods from a stray pregnant mother. She is very sociable and we would love for her to have a sibling ! Is Porter still available for adoption ? We are planning on going to the adoption event in Manassas and I am wondering if it is better to fill out an application beforehand or to wait until then. Any information on the process would be great ! Many thanks, Diana and Kyle Hasty

    • LindaC

      Porter is still available and will be at the adoption day this Saturday. You can complete the application at adoption day and we will do your interview at that time. Our process is to do a vet check and a home check before adoption.

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