Age: 6-8 Months Gender: Female
Published: May 22, 2016

I've Been Adopted!

UPDATE - 8 JUNE 2016: Our fabulous kennel caretaker has moved Porsche and sister, Mercedes, into her home. Both are quiet while in their crates and keep their crates clean all night. Porsche is adjusting to home life a little more slowly than her sister but just this morning came in on her own.  She will come up to you outside and let you pet and catch her if you are squatting or sitting down.  Although both are still a little unsure, they seem to be happy and adjusting.

Original info: Porsche and her two sisters, Mercedes and Ferrari, were left in an outside cage at the Amelia County Animal Shelter after someone had called and said that 6 beagles came to their home. She is 6-8 months old. Porsche will greet me but retreats when I enter the kennel. She does wag her tail when I pet her. She will seek my hand when petting her siblings, and she enjoys her belly rubs. Porsche will be available soon.

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