Pork Chop

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Published: December 20, 2011

I've Been Adopted!

Gender: Male

Age: 1ish

Pork Chop is a wonderful little guy. He weighs only 18lbs. He's very much a puppy - high energy and affectionate.

Don't miss out on this wonderful guy

Sponsored by: Chris Morgan in Honor of Howard & Esther Quinn



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  1. Maria Jackson

    Sorry Laura, I don’t mean to be confusing. My husband, John King, filled out the application on December 25. We just need to send in the $15 to complete it.
    Maria Jackson

    • Laura


      You can mail the check to: BREW, Inc., 4222 Fortuna Center Plaza, #169, Dumfries, VA 22025. Thanks!

      Laura Charles Johnson
      Director, BREW, Inc.

  2. Maria Jackson

    Is there a way we can see Pork Chop this week if we already sent in the application?

    • Laura


      Pork Chop is adoption pending as of today, I’m sorry. I’m sure we can help you find another beagle who would LOVE to call you his mom!

  3. John King

    We do not have a paypal to use to pay for the application process, so where can we send our check?

    • Laura

      You can send a check to: BREW, Inc. 4222 Fortuna Center Plaza, #169. Dumfries, VA 22025.


  4. Gary Painter

    How can I see this beagle? I live in VA, too.

    • Laura

      Gary, we dont have a facility where our beagles stay. Our beagles are in foster homes or a vet facility. To get the process started, please fill out an adoption application on this website. Let me know if you have other questions.

      Laura Charles Johnson
      Director, BREW, Inc.

  5. Gary Painter

    Where is this beagle located?

    • Missy


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