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Published: November 20, 2013

I've Been Adopted! Pollyanna (Annie)

Age: 6 years

Gender: Female

UPDATE - 16 FEBRUARY 2014: Annie (Pollyanna) has now been in her foster home for three months, and she continues to do well. She gets along with our dogs and cats, but she is most interested in affection from people. Annie’s foster dad travels a lot, and she is super-snuggly with him when he gets home (or anytime he’s home, really). Her funniest “pay attention to me” trick is that she will immediately lie down next to you and roll on her back if you are trying to exercise (or just lying down) on the floor – she loves her belly rubs! Annie knows how to sit but prefers to do so when there is a clear reward such as food or going in/out of the house (we are working on it during, walks, too). She is food-motivated and, despite being a clever girl, will not miss an opportunity to try to steal food from the other dogs (one over three times her size). She is fairly easily “herded” away from the other dogs’ bowls, but she has no fear when it comes to trying to snatch a treat right out of another dog’s mouth, so we do have to be careful at treat time. She’s still a talker when she gets impatient (meals, in/out of house, and out of crate). Annie likes walks but only has two speeds – “full speed ahead,” with her nose and eyes forward, and “anchor,” bringing up the rear with her nose to the ground. All-in-all, Annie is a lot of personality in a cute, little package, and she is certainly ready for her forever home!

4 JANUARY 2014: Charming, little Annie had quite the social calendar during December! She made friends wherever she went, ranging from an infant to toddlers to adults and including dogs from her size up to nearly 100 pounds. She traveled with us and our three dogs on a two-day trip to visit friends who have three young kids and a hound mix. Annie charmed everyone with her good behavior and sweet personality. She was especially in love with the five-year-old girl from whom she almost constantly begged for belly rubs (Mom and Dad loved Annie, too, but aren’t in a position for another dog – or she would have stayed!). Annie also joined us for a multi-day trip to visit family over Christmas, and she just went with the flow in a house with a stream of visitors (including wound-up toddlers) and a total of seven dogs (her new friends were two Boston terriers and a large Shepherd mix). Annie’s favorite Christmas buddy was my college-aged brother, whom, until now, I have never seen pick up a dog to put on his lap – she is a charmer! The week of New Year’s, Annie stayed in another BREW foster home (where she had also stayed over Thanksgiving), and she was right at home with several beagle buddies. With all these trips, we have not only learned that Annie is great with people and dogs of all ages and sizes, but that she is a great car traveler! We continue to crate her at night and while we are at work, but that has more to do with distrust of our own, occasionally grumpy, dogs. Annie continues to be trustworthy in the house while we are home and when left out unattended for a few hours. If you think Annie may be the one for you, please take a look at the BREW adoption application process!

8 DECEMBER 2013: Annie continues to be a joy in her foster home. She is sweet, snuggly, and silly and not afraid to let you know what’s on her mind! Annie has proven to be house-trained when kept on a reasonable schedule. She’s also been trustworthy left out (uncrated) with the other three dogs while we’ve been gone for a few hours, except (she won’t admit this!) she will get into the cat box if it’s accessible. Annie is a very people-friendly dog but will nap on her own if you’re busy, and she has started to play a bit with our smallest dog and chew a bit on toys. Because she can be noisy, Annie is not recommended for an apartment or townhouse, but she’d likely do well in most other homes, and she eagerly awaits her forever family!

24 NOVEMBER 2013: Pollyanna, whom we have been calling “Annie,” has been with us for three days now, and she has settled in very nicely. She is small (19 pounds) and cute as a button! She’s a little “buck-toothed” and sometimes her tongue sticks out of her mouth a bit, but it just makes her even cuter! Annie is very people-friendly and loves belly rubs, but she is also very content to curl up in a dog bed or open crate (she hopped in the crate for a nap as soon as I showed it to her the first night!). She is a bit of a talker and will whine or bark if she thinks you’re ignoring belly rub duties or too slow to let her in from the cold. Annie has been fine with the resident dogs (17-60 pounds) and cats, leaving them alone for the most part (except to steal an open dog bed!). She has kept the crate clean and dry and shows signs of being house-broken. She had a few accidents (mostly near the back door) in the first 24 hours, but that seems to have been due to some unwelcome intestinal hitchhikers (treatment currently underway). If you think Annie may be the one for you, please take a look at BREW’s adoption process and fill out an application!

Initial information: Just in from Fluvanna County, Virginia and is a little girl - under 20 pounds. Stay tuned for more info!

11 Responses

  1. Sarah DeBruin

    Annie sounds wonderful! we recently lost our previous BREW beagle to cancer and are looking to adopt again. If she is still available we would love to meet her.

    • ErinS

      Hi, Sarah – thanks for your interest in adopting another BREW beagle, and I am so sorry to hear about your loss of Paisley. I am Annie’s foster mom. She has had some interest but is currently available. I believe most of the other dogs you’ve inquired about here are currently still available, but there are a number of application under review. Since you are a previous adopter, you do not need to fill out another application; you can email laura@brewbeagles.org and/or missy@brewbeagles.org, and one of them should be able to help get you started. I’m sure we can find a BREW beagle that is a good fit for you!

      • Sarah DeBruin

        Hi Erin, I took your suggestion and all I need to do now is have my home inspected. If Annie is still available, would we be able to arrange to meet her?

        • ErinS

          Hi, Sarah – glad to hear things are moving forward. Annie has had other interest but is currently available. As of right now, I plan to have her at the next adoption event in Alexandria on March 15th, and I’d be happy to make other arrangements if your home inspection is done before then. Thanks for your patience!

          • Sarah De Bruin

            Ok thanks! We’ll plan on being at the event and I’ll let you know if our inspection gets done before then.

  2. Martha Spath

    Is Pollyanna, aka Annie, still available? Will she be at the adoption day on Saturday, 2/15?

    • ErinS

      Hi, Martha – thanks for your interest in Annie. Yes, she is still available at this time. Unfortunately, she won’t be at tomorrow’s event because it has been canceled. Arrangements can be made, however, for approved applicants to meet dogs outside of events.

      • Martha Spath

        How do we schedule a visit to meet her? I submitted my application on Tuesday, 2/11, but haven’t heard anything yet. Thank you!

        • ErinS

          Hi, Martha – I know your application has been received, and you should be hearing from a BREW volunteer sometime soon. I am not involved in the application process, but I think BREW may be a bit back-logged right now. If and when your application is approved, we can work out a time to meet up (I am actually her foster home – she is a wonderful little girl!). Thanks!

  3. Eileen Land

    Good Morning,

    My husband and I live in New Jersey and over the past 16 years, have shared our home (and couch!) with five beagles. Two of our girls were adopted from SOS Beagles and one was adopted from the Monmouth County Animal Shelter. This year, we have lost our oldest and youngest beagle (ages 16 and 10) to old age, and illness. We are drawn to Pollyanna since she has the look and size of one of our girls that we lost this year.) Does BREW accept applications from people living in NJ?

    Warmest Regards,

    • Laura w/ BREW


      Absolutely you can apply! You would need to be willing visit the dog in his/her foster home and they are all in the Philly/DC corridor. If that’s do-able, then let’s help get you a beagle!

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