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Published: November 22, 2012

I've Gone to Rainbow Bridge

25 AUGUST 2016: Sweet Polly has gone to the Rainbow Bridge. BREW is so thankful to her foster mom for the loving care she provided to Polly over the past several years.

11 AUGUST 2016: We are sad to report that Polly has been diagnosed with terminal cancer. She will remain in her foster home. We are truly grateful to Polly's loving foster mom for the love, patience, and care she has given and continues to give this terrific little beagle.

8 FEBRUARY 2016: Polly is a beagle who dances to her own tune, but loves her people. She would prefer a home without other pets, however. Could your home be her forever home?

10 AUGUST 2016: Polly has finally decided she can get up onto my lap; she still wants to do it herself rather than be picked up and she doesn’t want to snuggle but it is great progress. She has gained a few pounds but isn’t overweight. Foster mom got a treadmill and the plan is to have Polly walk on it for a short while each day. (She was behind me on the platform one day and didn’t want to move, so I started it up very very slowly and she trotted along for a few seconds until she jumped off. Now she is content to stretch out next to it while I’m walking).

Recently Polly has decided to assume guard status over anything she can see. This involves a lot of running around and barking, so the idea of an apartment is now off the table. One thing you quickly learn about Polly is that she is a very determined little dog and very stubborn. When she plants those little feet, she’s not going anywhere. When I leave she tries to get out with me and she runs to the side gate to give me a chance to change my mind. When I come back, she’s usually right there unless she’s napping with Amber.

While Polly is doing much better with her foster sisters, she would still be happier with no other pets, just a person (or a few) that will love her and take good care of her. Older children (in their teens are OK as long as they are quiet around her and not abrupt in their movements).

All in all, Polly is a very personable little beagle who needs her own people; those who will love her and have the patience to bring her along slowly. She may never want to be carried or to snuggle, except in bed; still she would be a wonderful addition to the right household.

29 JULY 2013: There’s not much more to add about Polly except that the addition of a senior foster brother has only added one more individual to her kingdom. She’s a very affectionate little beagle and will do best as either an only dog or with a submissive packmate.

She is ideally suited to someone at home a lot who will give her lots of attention, take her with them whenever possible and allow her the run of the house. She’s allowed to be loose in the house and yard when the people are gone and hasn’t gotten into anything in the time she’s been here. She comes to the side gate to watch the people leave and comes out to great us (sometimes by barking) when we return. She uses the dog door at night if she needs to go out. Polly will bark at unfamiliar noises but will usually come in when told to stop.

This is a nice little beagle and deserves a loving “furever” home with someone who will cherish her.

26 JANUARY 2013: Polly came to us a week before Christmas, 2012. She is a mature little 22lb tricolor beagle (the vet says 6-8 years old) who is very affectionate to people but can be skittish until she knows you. Polly will bark at anyone who comes to the door, but then wants to be rubbed under the chin. She does not like to be picked up and will vigorously fight anything she doesn’t want to do. Polly will come when called and sits for her food and treats. She sleeps on the bed up against me or in another dog bed without problem and is a couch potato. Polly is not as food driven as other beagles. If she isn’t hungry she will ignore the food. When she is eating she is very defensive of other dogs coming near her or the food.

Since she came here Polly has not had an accident in the house. She uses the dog door and will potty while on the leash. She likes to ride in the car and will run for her leash. She likes to explore every scent and bush while on the leash.

Polly will be best in a home without other dogs or children. Unexpected noises and random movements close to her can bring on nippy behavior. When tested with my 7 year old and 9 year old grandchildren, she was fine as long as they sat still and rubbed her. Once they became active she became very nervous.

Right now Polly shares the house with a 32lb resident senior beagle who is very laid back and with a young ~30lb adult beagle who is very active. She often doesn’t want them anywhere near her chair or bed and will snarl at them and lunge if she thinks they don’t get the message. When she wants to play Polly doesn’t hesitate to jump right in. Although the smallest, she is definitely the dominant dog in the household.

Polly will be a wonderful addition to a home with people who are willing to take the time to integrate her into their lives. She looks like a puppy compared to the other dogs but is fully grown.

Polly is such a sweet little girl.  She is quiet and just a great beagle. She also came from Caroline County Animal Shelter.

Sponsored by: Michele Vaughn in Honor of Clarence Beagle



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  1. Jo Brown

    Love all the info about Polly! She sounds like she would just love to be someone’s one-and-only, lovebug and guardian. Hope the right family finds her soon. What a lovely girl.

  2. JoyceH

    Yes Polly is still available. We are in Northern Delaware but can make arrangements for meeting elsewhere if necessary. Polly is housetrained. She hasn’t had an accident in the month plus she’s been here. She likes the dog door but will do bathroom business on the leash. She doesn’t like the crate but will stay in it wihout too much trouble and she rides well in the crate in the car.

    Polly weighs 22 lbs but could stand to gain a pound or two. She is little but adorable.

  3. Janice

    Is Polly still available? House trainned?

  4. Maggie

    I am interested in Polly- is she housetrained? Does she get along with kids? We are already approved by BREW/ Is she crate trained?

  5. Mary

    How big is Polly? Do you have an estimate of how much she weighs?

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