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Published: June 21, 2018

I've Been Adopted!

UPDATE - 12 AUGUST 2018: We’ve had Pip for a month now and she’s left her mark on our hearts. She’s spent the summer attending birthday parties and backyard barbecues, impressing all with her striking good looks. Her brindle/beagle coat and chocolate eyes really are gorgeous. She behaves beautifully around new people (except for some jumping up) and enjoys rides in the car.

You can tell Pip’s a puppy by her mouthiness (likes to chew). She definitely needs to be in a dog-proofed space when not supervised and she’ll need a steady supply of Nylabones or other chew toys.

My Lab is teaching Pip dog manners (though she still has a tendency to pounce all over my old dog) and a love of people food. Life with Pip is never boring. She’ll be a wonderful companion for her new forever family!

UPDATE - 11 JULY 2018 (from Pip's new foster mom): Pip's a good dog. She is completely house trained, and will hang out by the back door to be let out. She even taught herself to ring the bells by the backdoor my Lab is too dopey to use. She enjoys walks, but pulls relentlessly. And she's much bigger than your average beagle, so she can be tiring to control. She clocked in at 45 pounds at the vet. She received a clean bill of health.

I'm not sure how many other dogs Pip has been exposed to, but she's been enjoying having a canine playmate. My senior Lab, however, is enjoying it a bit less. Pip is relentless and definitely tries to get the upper hand as they wrestle. My Lab is being patient but will put her in her place when she's too forward. Pip would do best in a home with a larger, experienced dog who will help her figure out how to behave.

Kids are Pip's kryptonite, the younger the better. She's drawn to them and adores them. She's gentle with my 2 year-old. Even when running full speed, she slows down and avoids knocking him over. She plays well with older kids too. Really, she prefers kids to adults.

She loves to be out in the backyard, especially with the kids running around, and she's shown no inclination towards probing the security of our fence. Pip chooses whether or not to let the baby gate contain her. If the kids are out and about she'll jump it, but she's stayed confined to one small room overnight with no trouble.

When she's picked up the kid's toys, she's dropped them or let us take them from her mouth. She seems to be learning what she can and cannot chew. She has shown a tendency to dig holes in the yard.

I suspect Pip's previous owners allowed her on the furniture--we don't. She didn't take it very well and snapped at me (twice) for trying to remove her from an armchair. Now she trails a leash behind her and she willingly jumps off with a light tug and some encouragement. She's learning that we expect her to rest on a dog bed.

She's not terribly food motivated and she's a rather slow eater. She doesn't particularly care about human food, as far as I can tell. I'm still trying to figure out how to train her to some basic commands without using treats....

UPDATE - 7 JULY 2018: Pip went to a new foster home today, so stay tuned as we learn more about her!

NEW - 21 JUNE 2018: Pip is a beautiful 9-month-0ld, spayed beagle/Plott hound. She is slightly bigger than your average beagle and weighs around 30 pounds. She’s house trained (although she may need a refresher in a new home), good with small children and cats. She’s an owner give up because the family prefers cats and they couldn’t deal with the puppy energy. She is available for fostering or adoption.

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  1. Will she be at the event in Manassas?

    • Janet

      Hi Mary – Pip is being fostered in York, PA, and will not be able to make the adoption event on July 21st. However, if you are an approved applicant and can travel to York, you could go visit Pip. Also, I believe Pip will be at the August adoption event, which will also be in Manassas (August 18th). If you are interested in meeting Pip and have not yet applied, please fill out an application at http://www.brewbeagles.org/brew-adoption-process/, and then we can assign a volunteer to talk to you directly about Pip. Thanks for your interest!

  2. Has she found a home and does she play well with the other dogs?

    • Janet

      Hi Jeff – Pip is going to a new foster home next weekend where she will be with kids and another dog (York, PA). She has not yet been adopted. If you are interested in Pip, please fill out an application at http://www.brewbeagles.org/brew-adoption-process/. That way we can assign a volunteer to contact you directly about Pip and work with your through the adoption process. Thank you for your interest in Pip!

  3. Has Pip found a home?

    • Janet

      Hi Jeff – Pip is still looking for a permanent home. She is currently living with our kennel and has some interest, but nothing firm. If you are interested in Pip, you’ll need to go through our approval process that includes an application, telephone interview, and home check. You can find our application at: http://www.brewbeagles.org/brew-adoption-process/. Thank you for your interest!

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