Age: 2 Years Gender: Female
Published: June 3, 2018

I've Been Adopted!

UPDATE - 18 AUGUST 2018: Little Petunia joined us for our adoption event today. She was a little overwhelmed. One of the volunteers noticed that she jumped at noises and growled at some of the other dogs. She was scared. She was fine with people and going for a walk around the building but preferred staying under a table. This poor little girl would do best in a quiet home with no other dogs (males might be okay) or young children who would scare her.  She is a darling little girl with beautiful eyes who just needs a family who understands she has been alone and abandoned for a long time and needs a lot of patience while she comes out of her shell. Petunia is still available for fostering or adoption.

UPDATE - 16 JUNE 2018: Cute Petunia is back to looking for another foster home. Unfortunately, she didn't get along well with the female dogs at her first foster home. Maybe after living on the streets for a while she feels a need to protect her territory.

UPDATE - 13 JUNE 2018: Petunia's ears are the pride of any hound lover, at almost 6 inches long. We observed Petunia to bark excitedly at a neighborhood cat. However, Petunia seems to be trying to figure her place out: she will growl at one of the resident beagles and almost immediately be cuddling with her in the bed. Petunia likes kids, and they always go for her ears!

UPDATE - 10 JUNE 2018 (Initial report from Petunia's new foster family): From living under some steps, Petunia has transitioned to living in a house after 24 hours better than expected. She has moments when she is very confused and hyper-vigilant, and if scared, will leap into the air like a fire cracker went off under her. At other moments, Petunia is very competent and self-assured. Although it was clear that she had never gone up and down stairs, she mastered them eagerly and now goes up and down just to say she did. Petunia has yet to go potty while on the leash and so has had some accidents in the house; when out in the fenced yard, Petunia pretty much stays on the porch asking to come back in. She loved her bath and her hike in the woods was a blast. She gets along well with the resident beagles, although she was very uncertain at first. Petunia's favorite thing is to be cuddled and pet. She adores rocking in the rocking chair and will check in with you often by tipping her chin up in the air to look over her shoulder at you. The television is a befuddlement to her. She also does not like the crate at all. Petunia loves riding in the car but is spooked when cars drive by while she is walking on the sidewalk.

UPDATE - 9 JUNE 2018: Cute Petunia went to a new foster home today, so stay tuned as we get to know her better.

NEW - 3 JUNE 2018: Petunia comes to BREW from Richmond, Virginia, where she was found living under someone's steps. She is about 2 years old and weighs 18 pounds. The people who found Petunia said she was very scared when they found her, but she warms up to people and other dogs quickly. She will be available for fostering or adoption after our vet has a chance to check her out.

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  1. If Petunia is still available for adoption, we would like to come and visit her.
    Thank you,

    • Janet

      Hi Linda – Thank you for your interest in Petunia. In order to meet any of our beagles, we will need you to fill out an application at Once we have your application and fee, we will have a volunteer contact you directly about Petunia and our adoption process. Petunia is a cute little girl, but she would do best in a home without any other dogs or young children.

  2. We are very interested in Petunia. I was wondering how she is with kids. I have a 6 and 4 yr old daughter. They both love animals very much and love to give them lots of hugs. I grew up with a beagle that we had for 16 yrs so I’m very particule to them. I was also wondering where she was as located. We live in Va Beach but are willing to travel to meet a sweet pup

    • Janet

      Hi Jennifer – Thank you for your interest in Petunia. If you read through her profile, we mention that she may not be very good with small children. She is easily spooked and can get a little grumpy with some dogs, so she would probably do better in a home without young children. If you are interested in having a volunteer contact you directly, please fill out an application at: Thank you!

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