Perfect Timing… For Both Lily and Jennifer

Published: April 16, 2011

In October 2000, my foxhound Holly, of fourteen years, died. I was completely devastated as this dog was my best friend for all those years. Although I am still mourning her death, I couldn't bear the void she left and decided to look for a new dog right away. I live in Baltimore but I work in the Northern Virginia area and was looking in the Washington Post's classified on the internet when I came across a few dog rescue sites.

After looking at a few labs and other breeds, I realized that I had gotten very attached to the foxhound breed and wanted another hound. Well, hounds are not very common in Baltimore, especially as pets so, I looked on the internet to see if there where any in the DC or Virginia regions. During my search, I stumbled across a website called BREW. Although BREW was devoted mostly to beagles, I found a few adorable foxhounds and coonhounds that needed good homes. I saw a cute coonhound named Sadie and went to visit her but she was still with her brother Patton and seemed to be in good hands. Then I decided to go on-line one more time and that's when I found Lily (formerly known as Shirley, as in Laverne and Shirley!) Shirley, as they named her, was a 8 month old foxhound with a bit of greyhound or whippet mix.

At one time, she was part of a duo but her sister Laverne, had been adopted and moved to Texas and Shirley was still looking for a good home. When I saw Shirley's picture on the website, I knew I wanted to meet her. She looked a lot like my Holly. The timing was perfect because that following weekend was the Beagle Fest and Shirley was said to be attending! That Saturday, I drove down to Va. and saw Shirley for the first time. I knew I had to have her when I saw those sweet eyes and the way she was so affectionate with her foster mom. Also, she had almost the same markings on her back as Holly, two spots that form a figure eight. It was a sign! I had to have her! I met so many people that day who told me that Shirley had been up for adoption for a long time and was in need of a good home.

I was so happy to find her and I was really impressed with the people at BREW. Laura Johnson and some other people were great to deal with in helping me find a new dog. I am grateful that BREW exists, not just for Beagle lovers, but for dog lovers! Today, she is enjoying a new home in Baltimore. I changed Shirley's name to Lily and she loves it! She was a little shy and skittish when I first brought her home, but she has blossomed and has become the sweetest little foxhound! She is still a pup, however and is still "learning the ropes!" Thanks again to all those at BREW who were so compassionate to me when my dog died and who helped me find Lily!

Jennifer Eddinger

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