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Published: August 26, 2017

I've Been Adopted!

UPDATE - 25 DECEMBER 2017: Merry Christmas! Pepper continues to make great strides. He got along great with the family dogs for the holiday. His behavior in the crate is also improving. Quieting down after a moment of objection. Really enjoying walks and the challenge of a Kong. He has also mastered open riser stairs- which is remarkable. Fabulous in the car and loves to cuddle. This guy is a lot of fun & eager to learn. We continue marker training by establishing eye contact and rewarding with “yes” and training treats.

UPDATE - 19 DECEMBER 2017 (from Pepper's foster family): Pepper has now been with us for a week. He is curious & friendly with other dogs and people. We are working on leash manners as he tends to zigzag. We came across a cat on the street, but Pepper just wanted to follow a scent. Very keen eyes - can spot a squirrel from quite a distance. Pepper does not like to be picked up, which is less of a problem now that he has figured out how to use steps. Pepper can jump  - his vertical leap is 3 feet or better. Pepper requires constant correction when human food is around. Consistency will be key for his owners. He has not bothered Christmas decorations. We didn't have any problems with crating until this weekend. He howled & carried on and even pulled the blanket covering the crate inside and shredded it. We might be dealing with some separation anxiety. Even when out of the crate, Pepper paces continually during the day through the house. He might benefit from having a stable other dog to guide him in learning domestic life. He loves to cuddle and is a great sleeper (very peaceful and no overnight accidents). He is excellent in the car. We will be taking him to a family gathering on Christmas where he will have interaction with two labs and new surroundings. More to come!

INITIAL IMPRESSIONS: Pepper is a small 1-year-old male that is super sweet, friendly, and good with other dogs.  He came in as a stray with Pickles to the Madison County Animal Shelter in Virginia.  Pepper is available for adoption or fostering.



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