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Published: August 12, 2017

I've Been Adopted!

17 AUGUST 2017 Paula has so many lovable qualities! Her good will simply radiates from her body as she winks one eye at you. She will follow commands, such as Stay! Down! or Go See Daddy! and a pointed finger. We finally got to hear Paula bark when she wanted to let all squirrels and rabbits around know that she loves them. Paula has had a few potty accidents as we synch to each others' schedules. She might do well as a lone dog but gets along well with other dogs. When going out on a walk, especially at night, Paula will look up at me as though to say "Where are we going, boss?" Paula has lots of energy. She is a cuddler and loves to have her ears scratched.

UPDATE - 13 AUGUST 2017: Hey, hey Paula, no one else will ever do!

We were so lucky to have Paula come to live with us today. She was thrilled to move in to a house too. Paula has had impeccable manners. She walks with a purpose but does not pull; she waits patiently if you need to pull rocks out of your shoe or check the mail. She pooped and peed while on the leash and has had no accidents in the house. At the same time, Paula is very loving and will come with the kisses and grins if you need attention. Paula is larger than the average beagle, she is 18 inches tall give or take (she may have been on tippy toes) and about 30 pounds. She has gotten along so well with the other dogs, with no barking at dogs walking by, and is definitely house savvy. Paula will be at adoption day Saturday and is looking forward to meeting you!

First Impressions: Please welcome Paula, the newest addition to the BREW Crew.  Paula is about 3 years old and comes to us from Spotsylvania County Virginia.  She was a stray there, so we won’t know much about her until we find her a foster home. We do know that she’s a people person and greets everyone with a wagging tail. We also know that she walks well on a leash and rides well in a car.  Paula is finishing up her vet work at our favorite vet’s office and should be available to go to a foster or furever home in a few days.

Anyone who would like to sponsor Paula, in honor of Paula Ehrlich, a BREW volunteer who recently left this world, please click on the “Sponsor Me” link.

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