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Published: April 4, 2011

I've Been Adopted!

Age: 1-2 years

Gender: Male

11/7/11:  Patches is very vocal at mealtime, it must be his favorite part of the day.  Once his tummy is full and he has a visit outside, he is happy to take a nap.  Now that the weather is chilly, Patches conveniently curls up on the bed and acts as an adorable hot water bottle.  He is such a cuddler!  Patches has improved on the leash and is also tolerant of baths.  He really enjoys being dried with a big fluffy towel.

8/25/11: Patches continues to gain confidence.  He is still easily startled, even when a bowl of food is placed in front of him, but he has improved a great deal since he moved in last February.  Patches is very excited at mealtime and uses his unusual beagle bugle/bark to remind me to feed everyone.  He also gets excited when going in the crate because he knows he will receive a treat so he now walks into his crate for the treat.  Patches enjoys galloping around the yard after breakfast and has started carrying a toy around the yard as well.  He also likes to roll down the hill in the grass!

PREVIOUS: Patches has been with us almost 5 months and has shown great improvement.  He was afraid of just about everything when he arrived.  Now that he’s settled in and learned the routine he’s a little less nervous.  Patches still hesitates often at the back door before entering.  He looks forward to meals and has put on a few pounds so he now looks healthy.  Patches loves to sleep on the people bed, but also joins the other beagles on the dog beds occasionally.  He hasn’t had an accident in a long time so his housetraining skills have improved also.  He is crate trained.  Patches is still learning to walk properly on a leash.  And he loves to cuddle!

Patches has been with us for 3 weeks. He is gradually putting on weight. Patches is a very shy and nervous dog. He still hesitates to come into the house after being in the backyard. We usually have to leave the door open, leave the room and wait for him to dash in and up the stairs to where he feels safe, on the bed! He has to be picked up and placed in his crate, he has had only one accident in it. There have been a couple of accidents in the house too, but with two fosters, we don’t know who to blame.

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6 Responses

  1. Jennifer Urlock

    Patches seems very sweet. I have two children as well, 12 and 8, and would be interested in meeting Patches. We will be at the Alexandria Beagle Fest and hope to meet her there.

  2. Dawn

    I have submitted an adoption application today and have listed Patches as one of my interest.
    So hopefully we will get a chance to meet patches.

  3. Aimi

    Patches has met children at adoption events and also our 8 year old nephew. I’m not sure that he’s met any as young as yours. He has been fine with everyone, including our 2 cats. He is easily startled but likes to cuddle once he relaxes!

  4. Dawn

    The tag for patches indicates he is good with kids and possibly cats. I have 2 young girls 3 1/2 and 1 1/2 along with 2 cats. I was curious as to how he does with both. I see a little person’s hand in one of the photos. Patches is very adorable and I am definitely interested in learning more about him.

  5. Aimi

    Hi Martha,

    Patches has come a long way. He makes the sweetest little sounds when he’s napping and I rub his belly. It is rewarding to see him gaining confidence, a little more each day! So glad my buddy Ike is doing well. Give him a hug for me!



  6. Martha Dean

    Dear Aimi and Al
    I have been watching the site to see how Patches/Patty is doing. I am thrilled to see he is now up for adoption. You have worked your magic. I don’t think we (Mark) are quite ready to take on a second yet but I will keep an eye out to see how this lovely dog is faring. He touched my heart that day in April at Beaglefest. Ike is thriving. We have our “granddogs” (the lab and the greyhound) with us alot and that makes us think twice about taking on another of our own, but I am sorely tempted… Our first beagle ever was a very damageboy who thrived with us..


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