Age: 4-5 Years Gender: Female
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Published: October 4, 2018

I'm Available and Looking for a Foster Home!

UPDATE - 10 NOVEMBER 2018: Pasha is back to looking for a foster home. She had a tough time at the adoption event today - seemed very anxious around the other dogs, which surprised her foster family since she had been doing so well. Pasha had made a lot of progress in her first foster home, so we are hoping to place her soon to keep that momentum going. Pasha would probably do best in a foster home with  low-key dogs who will give her the space she might need.

UPDATE - 5 NOVEMBER 2018: Pasha is like a lovely desert flower that blooms with only a little attention and rain. With only a little encouragement, Pasha has left the confines of her crate and is sleeping in the comfy bed out in the living room. She is very laid back and has gotten used to the routine in the house quickly. She is very respectful of the other dogs. Pasha just loves kids, it is always surprising to see how tolerant she is of kids grabbing or yelling. Check the sweet girl out next adoption day!

UPDATE - 30 OCTOBER 2018: Beware! Pasha is a counter surfer par excellence! But she hates yogurt (it was really hard not to laugh at her reaction to it!), in fact her eating habits are far from daring. She loves to rub her forehead on her foster dad's knees or gaze up adoringly at him. Pasha has bonded quickly with her foster brother and sisters, but seems quite independent of them. She has made a little bed in an open crate and there she goes to luxuriate or sleep. Proud to report she has had no potty accidents in the house.

UPDATE - 28 OCTOBER 2018: Pasha went off to a foster home today. Here is what her new foster family has to say after her first day: Pasha came to live at our house today and had a hard day's night. She is currently sleeping in the tiniest bed she could find in the house. Pasha made Chewbacca noises as she reconned her new digs, with a lot of groaning, moaning, and sighing. The only time she barked outright was when she saw a squirrel running across the street. Speaking of which, what is it with all these cars? Pasha likes to ride in them but each time one passed her, she had to stop to consider it. Pasha is a slim girl and is about 17 inches tall. Pasha has pottied while on the leash, and she walks pretty well, with a minimum of bumping into knees or walking in your shoes. Pasha would make an excellent only dog, as we noticed her growling at the more bossy dogs in the house today. Kids appear to be her favorite kind of people. Pasha vaulted up the stairs, even though it appeared to have been maybe her first time doing so. As we learn more about this sweet girl, we will duly report it.

UPDATE - 19 OCTOBER 2018: Pasha joined us at our adoption event on the 13th and found herself a little overwhelmed. She is a sweet girl, but there was probably a little to much action for her at the event. She would run with the other dogs for a bit, but then she would search for a quiet corner where she could take a break. She would do well in quiet home where her people would be patient with her as she adjusts to a new life.

NEW - 4 OCTOBER 2018: Pasha is a 4 to 5-year-old spayed and fully vetted beagle that weighs a little under 30 pounds. She’s a taller beagle. She is friendly and good with other dogs. She was a stray from Amelia County Animal Shelter in Virginia, so her history is unknown. She is available for fostering or adoption.

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  1. I would like to get more information about Pasha. Would i be able to see her?

    • Janet

      Hi Sandy – Pasha is a special girl who would do best as an only dog (she might be okay with low-key dogs who give her space). She is overwhelmed when surrounded by too much activity and can be a little grumpy around other dogs, but she does well with humans. She is a little scared and needs lots of space to feel comfortable. To meet Pasha we would need you to read our policies/standards and fill out an application at Then we can assign a volunteer to talk to you directly about Pasha and any of our other adoptable beagles.

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