Our Josie

Published: February 24, 2012

About 8½ years ago, BREW rescued a beagle they called Jewell, somewhere in Madison County, Virginia.  She had two puppies tagging along.  I think they called one Cassidy.  We never saw them - they were placed quickly.  But we saw Jewell at Crosspointe Animal Hospital at a BREW event 8½ years ago and she stole our hearts.

We renamed her Josie and we're so thankful to BREW.  Josie might not have had a chance otherwise.  But Josie quickly brought order to our house by settling down her previously-only-child brother Winslow (beagle mix), who had quite a separation-anxiety problem.  Josie also served a few years in Fairfax County Pets on Wheels by visiting the Mount Vernon Nursing Home.  She bought good cheer to many of the residents there.

A few years back, Josie's heart and lung problems put her in decline, but she was usually able to maintain a positive outlook.  She was a contagiously happy dog, even as she realized she was past her prime.  In her last 20 months or so, she'd been through quite a few treatments and overnight stays at Springfield Emergency Veterinary Hospital.  We often felt awful about her suffering.  But as long as she was able to show that she was happy, we thought the various treatments were justified.

In late December 2009, her suffering reached a point that compelled us to make the difficult decision of letting her go.  We miss her terribly but we are at peace to know that she got every happy moment that was possible for her.  And she certainly earned it by making others happy.

We hurt right now.  But we have no regrets and we are thankful that BREW gives beagles like Josie a chance.


Gary & Kathy Sokola

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  1. Jeff Barr

    Your Josie looks very much like my sweet Bernice. I lost Bernice after 15 yrs, in June 2011. She was my companion and friend.

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