Our Cheddar

Published: April 22, 2011

Dear BREW,

Thank you for bringing Cheddar into our lives! We first met her at one of our events held in Dale City, Virginia in August last year. Days later she became the newest member of the family and in no time at all she completely won our hearts with her gentle and affectionate personality. We have two cats who have accepted her as well. We often find the three of them sleeping close together - all relaxed and totally at ease with each other.

My wife, son and I all get our own quality time with Cheddar. She likes to snuggle with me after we return from a long walk around the lake near our home. When we meet other people and their dogs, Cheddar always gives out a welcoming howl and dances around in circles. She is so friendly that everyone who meets her instantly takes a liking to her. As the photo shows, Cheddar likes hanging out with our son and his friends, too.

[blockquote1]We couldn't be happier with our adorable little beagle! She seems happy too and shows it by always wagging her tail, especially at dinnertime![/blockquote1]

Thanks again for the great work you folks are doing, bringing happiness to families and finding good homes for these wonderful pets.

The Levin Family - Dale, Claire and John.

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