Oromis is a Great Beagle

Published: April 12, 2011

Oromis is a great beagle. He wants to please, he is full of love and energy and gives us great happiness.

Between Rebecca and me he goes on at least 6 walks a day around West Chester or the park. When we are home Oromis has freedom of the house, when at work he is crated. The crate is next to my living room chair. Oromis does love toys; his toys are in a book crate turned on its side and he can get to his toys and bones with ease. Of course this toy box is in the living room, Oromis is family.
Where does Oromis sleep? He takes a nap on the sofa or his blue doggie bed, chasing toys is exhausting. He starts bedtime sleeping with Rebecca and then comes to my room to sleep with me.

Last weekend Rebecca had Oromis on a leash in the backyard while I was cutting shrubs. He enjoyed sitting on the swing with us. I cut the shrubs so the fence installers can put up 6 ft stockade this coming Tuesday. Last year I needed a new fence but was undecided about style, etc. Now I know I was waiting for Oromis to have a reason to get stockade on all sides. I’m looking forward to Oromis joining me in gardening.

We had to move the cat bowls higher but the cats found their food and water. Cat food is so tempting to dogs. It took a few weeks but Oromis and Harmony and Snowy (cats) are living in harmony. This morning when Oromis and I were going downstairs he surprised Harmony; she bolted, he started to chase, I said Oromis Stop. He stopped and came right to me. He got a pat and a goodboy and a hug and (a treat after we got down the stairs.)

His vet visit went well and he is on Revolution for heartworm, etc. The vet remarked on what good condition Oromis is in.

BREW, thanks for Oromis.


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