One-Eyed Willy

Age: 2 Years Gender: Male
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Published: March 7, 2017

I've Been Adopted!

UPDATE - 21 MARCH 2017: Willy is now like a new dog!  He shares the dog beds with my dogs and is completely house- and crate-trained.  While he's still somewhat submissive, there's no more submissive peeing.  He is better about being picked up but still a little uncomfortable about it. He does love attention!

17 MARCH 2017: Poor Willy seems to have been through a lot.  It turns out that the eye was a birth defect where the eye didn't develop.  BREW's vet determined that the deformed eye had to be removed.

Willy is super sweet and fairly low key at the moment but he might perk up once the eye is healed and the e-collar is off.  He is friendly but very submissive and at times does submissive pee.  He is fairly sensitive and may have been mishandled in the past; when you try to pick him up he rolls over and when you manage to pick him up, he yelps and tries squirm out of your arms.

He's doing pretty well at my house, learning the routine and doing the stairs.  He hasn't had any accidents in the house but he has in his crate.  I don't think he is used to being in a house or being crated but he has learned that he is allowed in the house.  Sometimes he isolates himself and sometimes he lays with the other dogs.

13 MARCH 2017: Willy is now fully vetted and ready for a foster or adoptive home. He is super friendly and sweet, but we believe he may have been abused.  If you try to pick him up, he sometimes rolls over to avoid it and when you do pick him up he often lets out a little whimper and scrabbles to get out of your arms.  If you pet him and gently pick him up, he seems to do better but will still scramble to get out of your arms.  He has been friendly with visitors but will need some time and understanding to build a little more trust and confidence.

First impressions: One-Eyed Willy is a 2-year-old male beagle mix that obviously has had a questionable past since he is missing an eye.  He is super sweet and submissive and gets along well with other dogs.  He was a stray at the Fluvanna County, Virginia shelter so his history is unknown.  Willy has been vetted but still needs neutering.  He will be available soon. Thanks to the Fluvanna SPCA for the great photo!

4 Responses

  1. Are there any updates on Willie?

    • Erin

      Hi, Courtney – Thank you for your interest, but Willy was actually adopted today. BREW has many other wonderful, adoptable beagles available. If you would like to go ahead an fill out our online application, our adoption volunteers can help you find a great match. Thanks again!

  2. Are there any new updates regarding Willy (one-eyed Willy)? Any new pictures without his cone?

    • LindaC

      We should have new photos soon. I did see him after his eye surgery and it has healed nicely. He is a happy little boy and had bonded with Ruth. They are quite a pair.

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