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Published: October 15, 2018

I've Been Adopted!

UPDATE - 22 OCTOBER 2018: Odie, Dutchess, and Toby are all now together in a foster home and doing very well. According to Odie's foster mom, he is very sweet, laid back, behaved in the house, good with other dogs, and housebroken. This is a beautiful, healthy senior boy!

NEW - 15 OCTOBER 2018: Odie came to BREW with Toby and Dutchess when they found themselves homeless after their person suddenly passed away and they ended up at a shelter in Virginia. Odie is a little guy who is estimated to be 13 years old and in good health. He’s neutered and house trained. He is available for fostering or adoption.

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  1. Thank you for your response. He’s so darling.

    Hi, Janet. I have just a few more questions about Odie. I am a two time BREW beagle adopter, so I don’t think I have to do an application, correct? And I do not expect trouble with my other dog adjusting…he was one of two until a year ago…but that is the only possible issue that I see. Finally, is Odie his long-term name, or was that his name given at the shelter?

    Thank you.

    • Janet

      Hi Marie – You do not need to fill out an application if you are a prior BREW adopter. I will put you in touch with Karen, our person who handles adoptions for prior BREW adopters. She will need to do a vet check, but that is all. FYI, Odie will be at our adoption event on Nov 10th in Manassas. Is there a chance you could come meet him? The name “Odie” is on his medical records, but I don’t know if that was a shelter name or original name. I will find out.

  2. Hi, I was wondering if Odie would do okay without his housemates? I have a 9 year old male beagle now, so he wouldn’t be alone…but I worry that he might be very attached to Toby and Dutchess and be upset if he wasn’t with them.

    Thank you.

    • Janet

      Hi Marie – According to Odie’s foster mom, he would do fine without Toby and Dutchess. All three are very social, and she thinks they would be just fine if they are separated. Thanks for your interest in this senior boy!

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