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Published: October 16, 2014

I've Been Adopted!

4 March 2016: Nitro has been in my home for several months now.  He's crate-trained, house-trained, plays and gets along well with my dogs.  He loves chew bones, toys and loves to play!!!  However, he does respond and listen very well if the play seemingly escalates into a little more than just play.  He will bark and chase if the neighbors dog comes near or runs the fence.  He is super friendly and affectionate with people and is typical beagle looking for anything edible he can snatch off the edge of the counter and table.  He would do best in mindful but firm and active home or, at minimum, a home with another dog to play with while under supervision.  He, along with some of my other dogs, is always crated when I am not around or within hearing range.  He truly is a wonderful companion but he's not one that you can just let run the household.

5 APRIL 2015: Nitro has been a doll, and the entire family is enjoying fostering him.  The individual or family that adopts Nitro will be very luckily as he is as sweet as they come!

Nitro is an amazingly sweet and cuddly, adaptable beagle who within 5 days with us he has settled in nicely.  He enjoys walks, cuddling and being around the family.  He is house-broken and crate-trained.  He has a very sweet disposition and he is wonderful and gentle with our three kids (ages 6, 8 & 10).  He is a very quick learner and is very eager to please.  He is getting better at not pulling during walks and his manners are getting better every day - he is well on his way to becoming a very Regal Beagle!

Two main things to know about Nitro is:  One, he can be picky about other dogs.  It's not all dogs, but with some, he can be a quite a big mouth about it.  I think that Nitro could do well with some training and socialization with other dogs.  Second, he would need a secure fence if he were to be left alone in the yard as we have found given the opportunity he can escape under some fences.

Nitro would make a great pet for any family looking for just one dog.  (We don't know if he if he likes cats, though.)

13 DECEMBER 2014: Nitro is a super-snuggley, sweet boy when it comes to people, but we've found that he can be a bit picky about his canine companions.

6 NOVEMBER 2014: Nitro is now fully vetted and ready for a foster or adoptive home!

Original info: Nitro is a 3-year-old male beagle. He was an owner give-up  in Amelia County with McCoy because they weren't wanted any more.  He is very friendly and good with other dogs, but unfortunately no history was given.  Nitro will be available for adoption once vetting is completed.


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  1. Hi there. Nitro looks like a great dog. How would he do in an apartment/condo setting?

  2. Interested in adopting Nitro. Do you have details on his history, medical history & temperament? Also, any details on his disposition towards young children & other dogs. thanks

    • Erin

      Hi, Marlan – Nitro is currently in boarding awaiting a foster home, so we do not know any more about him than is listed here. He is good with other dogs, and no prior history is known. He will be available for adoption once he has been fully vetted, including neutering. Please see THIS SITE for information on BREW’s adoption process, and thanks for your interest in adopting!

  3. […] is a 3-year-old male beagle. He was an owner give-up  in Amelia County with Nitro because they weren't wanted any more.  He is super sweet, friendly, and good with other dogs but […]

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