Age: 9-11 Gender: Male
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Published: January 21, 2019

I'm Available!

UPDATE - 30 JANUARY 2019 (from Nick's new foster family): Nick is such an amazing little man. I'm not totally convinced he's deaf. He does respond to words when he wants to. I don't believe he knows his name. He's been walking around the house for the last hour sniffing every corner. The cats are much more concerned with him than he is with them, and I don't think they'll be a problem at all. Obviously, so soon into the transition, Nick is doing everything he can to not sit down or sleep but rather sniff everything. He is not without his ailments, but I look forward to working with him while he awaits adoption.

No accidents in the house, he loves following behind me and going on strolls. He ignores the cats and loves to sleep in his bed. He has no teeth except for two top molars and his front teeth so soft food is important. I hope to fatten him up 5 or 10 lbs to a healthy weight. He's not much of a cuddler yet, but extremely well behaved. Not a bark or a growl out of him - a couple whimpers but such a good dog.

Can't tell if he knows any tricks or can even sit, but I'll work it. His bed, toys, leash, and anything he has would go great to an adoption home.

UPDATE - 27 JANUARY 2019: Nick just went off to a foster home, so we look forward to getting an update soon!

NEW - 21 JANUARY 2019: Nick came to BREW when he was found by someone on December 22nd and was never claimed. He is an older guy and appears to be deaf, but he is very sweet and even joined us for our last adoption day. He is very quiet and seemed to enjoy the attention from everyone. We will know more about him once he is checked out by our vet. If you are looking a very sweet older boy, Nick may be the one for you!

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