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Published: January 24, 2015

I've Been Adopted!

UPDATE - 22 FEBRUARY 2015: Newt is adapting wonderfully in our home. She has responded to our instruction and our other dog’s examples quite quickly. She comes when called, does her business outside, and stops an activity when commanded to. Newt is also very friendly, happy, and lively. And Newt can really jump! She scaled our 4 foot linked fence quite easily. Future adopters will have to have a higher fence OR be willing to walk her a lot. She has learned to walk nicely on the leash. She is not much of a barker at all, and would probably be fine living in an apartment.

When you first meet Newt she is shy, but she warms up quickly. She has done well with all our visitors as long as it is not a large group of people at once. Newt becomes fearful in crowds or noisy situations. She gets along well with other dogs and loves people. She will be a loyal companion to her lucky adopters. Newt is happiest when she is on a human's lap and getting hugs. In summary, Newt is just a fun, adorable, and affectionate little beagle!

2 FEBRUARY 2015: It turns out Newt's enthusiasm is not limited to playing - we recently found out she is a fence-climber and has no problem scaling moderately-sized fences. As such, Newt's future adoptive home will need to have either a 6-foot privacy fence or no fence at all (and lots of walks, if the latter).

29 JANUARY 2015: Newt is doing great! She is super friendly and playful. She keeps her crate clean, and she hasn't had any accidents since the first day. She is pretty high energy but not crazy. Newt does a happy dance every day when I get home!

Original info: Newt and her 7 buddies hail from Preston, WV, where they were part of a group of 45 (!) beagles taken in from one home by a small, rural shelter. They arrived with BREW on 22 January 2014.

Newt is a cuddly, 3- to 4-year-old tri-color female. All she wanted to do at photo time was be held by our favorite vet tech. She is now fully vetted and waiting for her foster home, so she can experience living the good life and eating good food.  Get ready to say, "awwwwwwww" - she is a precious girl!

Each of the Preston County beagles is going to need some time in a foster home to learn how to be a pampered house pet before they are ready to be adopted. This may take more time for some than it does with others. Thanks to all, including the shelter, transporters, foster homes, and donors, who have helped BREW help these wonderful beagles!

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  1. I’m interested in meeting Newt and speaking with her foster parents.

    • Erin

      Hi, Laura – have you submitted an adoption application? If so, you can work with your interviewer to reach out to specific foster homes. Or, are you a former BREW adopter? If neither, please submit an application – once that process has started, we can put you in touch with folks. Thanks for your interest!

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