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Published: July 20, 2011

I've Been Adopted!Naveen

Gender: Male

Age: 1-2 years

Naveen is a cute boy weighing in at about 25 pounds. He’s mostly black and tan, but he’s got ticking on his legs, chest and belly. Naveen is very sweet and loves his humans. He’s curious about other dogs and barks to get their attention, but we don’t know yet how he gets along with them. He seems to do just fine with the resident beagle and the cats – he’s afraid of the cats.
Naveen is still working on his housetraining, but he does all his business when we go for walks. He loves to chew on deer antlers and nylabones. He also likes to pull apart stuffed toys and will be entertained by a kong or a tennis ball. He loves to run around and chase his humans in the house where he slips and slides all over our hardwood floors. I don’t think he’s got the concept of how to stop just yet. He seems to do fine in the crate where he stays during the work day. When we first leave he does bark and whine a bit, but seems to calm down.
We are also working on leash walking with him. Generally, he does very well and only occasional pulls to check out another dog or sniff something. But sometimes when he gets on a scent he can pull on the leash. So far, Naveen is doing a good job learning to be a house dog – navigating stairs, sleeping on dog beds and sitting for treats. He would love to put these skills to good use in his forever home.

Naveen, 1-2 year old beautiful beagle boy that could use a pound or two. He's friendly, outgoing and gets along with other dogs. He was a stray at the Amelia County Animal Shelter so his history is unknown.

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5 Responses

  1. Deb Szymanik

    I just love his new picture! He is adorable – such soulful eyes. Hope to see him in a foster home real soon. Know someone is going to grab this cutie up.

  2. Kelly Devine

    Hi Laura,

    I did fill out the application. Is it showing up that I did this? If not I will do it again. Thanks!


    • Laura

      Yes, I have it!

  3. Kelly Devine

    I am looking to adopt a young beagle or beagle mix. I am a 27 year old single female. I live in a one bedroom garden style apartment and am a school teacher. If Naveen is still available, I would love to apply to adopt him!

    • Laura


      Please submit an adoption application from this website. We’d love to help you find a beagle!

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