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Published: July 5, 2011

I've been adopted!

Gender: Female

Age: 4-5 years

UPDATE: Mya is such a good girl.  She is a very easy and low-maintenance foster dog.  Mya is shy, but affectionate.  Mya will retreat and hide if something scares her, but she is very responsive to treats and a comforting human voice.  Although it took me a few weeks to gain her trust, I soon realized that she loves people and wants very much to please me. Once she is comfortable with a you, her personality comes out!

Mya is usuallly the first one to run up and greet me with a happy wagging tail when I come home. She can be very enthusiastic and appreciative, especially at dinner time, but she is usually very calm and mild mannered. Mya doesn't demand attention - she just likes to quietly stay by my side or curl up near me on the sofa.  She has a sweet gentle disposition and she gets along great with my other 2 beagles.  She walks very well on leash and I rarely ever hear her bark.  Mya hasn't had any accidents in my house for a long long time, so I think she's housebroken too!

Her photos don't to her justice... Mya has the classic beagle tri-color markings and such a sweet pretty face.  If you're looking for a best friend, then Mya is the perfect dog for your family!

Mya is a 4-5 year old female, fully vetted, was a stray with puppies at the Madison Shelter, a little on the shy side but approachable and you can pet and handle her.  She is good with other dogs and her history is unknown.


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