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Published: March 22, 2015

I've Been Adopted!

UPDATE - 14 JULY 2015: Moxie continues to wait patiently for her forever home.  She is getting used to riding in the car and passes the time playing in the yard and with her foster sister.  She's limited her chewing to a nylabone and her toys.  Moxie really enjoys belly rubs and gives kisses, too!

15 JUNE 2015: Moxie has been with us for five weeks and has quickly learned the ropes from her foster siblings. She has kept her crate clean and has had only two accidents in the house. She gets along well with our beagles and cats. She likes to steal our shoes but luckily she hasn’t chewed any.  She does like to chew her doggie toys and chewed apart some random items she found in the backyard.  She also likes to pull the stuffing out of the dog beds.  She is a big puppy and very curious.  She is still learning to walk calmly on a leash but she will potty on leash.  She does tend to get car sick.  Moxie is also a very good snuggler.  She likes to sleep on our bed and lean up against someone.  She adores belly rubs and is a very well-adjusted little dog.  She's managed to put on a couple of pounds while she's been with us too, which is good since she was very thin.

Moxie is a spayed female, tricolor beagle who is about 1 year old and weighs 18 pounds. She was a stray in Halifax County, Virginia, and her history is unknown. Moxie's shelter records indicate she can climb fences, so she will need a home with at least a 6-foot fence or to be entirely leash-walked. Stayed tuned as we get to know her better!

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