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Published: August 12, 2017

Adoption Pending!

UPDATE - 5 JANUARY 2018: Mouse is such a cute little boy. He weighs in at about 22 pounds of personality. He has come a long way with his confidence since he came to us two months ago. Now he will seek out company, cuddle with us and happily accept pets. Sudden movements toward him can still make him run away or escape under the bed. He has also learned about belly rubs - it can still be a bit of a challenge to get him to stretch out and relax while he is getting them, but he loves them even if he is crunched up.

Mouse is a well behaved little guy. He still gobbles his food, but will follow you anywhere or come running for a cookie! I can now say that Mouse is house trained. As he has gotten more comfortable with us, he started to play with the many toys in the house. He likes the chew toys like Nylabones, but he loves soft toys. However they don't last long. And he likes slippers - so far he hasn't damaged any, but he does try to sneak away with them. He even tried one once when they were on my feet! Mouse loves to run and play, but he is also great at chilling. He really has a nice energy level.

Update - 11 November 2017: Mouse has been in his foster home for a week. He is an adorable little boy, but skittish. Sometimes he will let us approach him and give him pets, other times he can't get away fast enough.

Mouse gets along well with both the dogs and the cats. He even seems a bit afraid of the cats, though he is interested in them. Mouse is playful - he even got foster sister Annie to play with him. But he doesn't bother the two senior dogs in the house, which I'm sure they both appreciate! He has found "his" spot on an ottoman filled with pillows. He loves to burrow down into the pillows for his naps.

Mouse is working on house training. Although he eats very quickly he isn't food aggressive. He also hasn't shown an interest in anything that isn't a dog toy.

And look at that face and those ears!

Original Post: Mouse is an adorable 2-year-old male beagle mix that weighs 22 pounds. He's friendly but a little apprehensive when approached. You can pet him, and he will take treats from your hand. He could use a little more confidence and socializing. Mouse and another beagle were strays that stayed at a residence for a while before eventually being brought to the Pittsylvania County Animal Shelter in Virginia. Stay tuned as we get to know Mouse better!


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  1. Hi
    Is Mouse still waiting to be fostered? Im in Hanover Va in the country. Is he house trained?

    • Janet

      Hi Dana. Mouse is still waiting for a foster home. He is currently at our kennels, so we don’t know if he is house trained. He is a cute little guy who is full of energy and loves to run! If you are interested in fostering Mouse, please fill out the fostering application at Thank you for your interest in fostering!

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