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Published: June 20, 2013

I've Been Adopted!Mooney Chair

Age: 4 years

Gender: Male

(Update)  We have been fostering Mooney for 4 weeks now and he is an absolute joy.  Despite being on the small side, Mooney is assertive while playing (but not aggressive).  He enjoys the fenced-in backyard, makes no attempt to climb or jump the fence, and has even caught us a mole!


He is a delightful cuddler when it's time to settle down and really prefers to be around another warm body.  He hasn't met a human or dog he doesn't like.  He still patiently eats his food and accepts treats very nicely - to the point where we're not sure if he's actually a beagle!


If you're looking for an adorable beagle with the true "Underdog" spirit, then Mooney is your best bet!

NEW!! Mooney has been a sweetheart since we brought him to his foster home.  He rode in the car for an hour with no problems.  When we got home, he immediately bonded with his two foster brothers.  He learned and accepted his role on the totem pole and has no problem with not being the alpha dog.  He quickly figured out how to work the doggie door and does his business outside.  Mooney has not had any accidents in the house and has kept his crate clean while we are at work.  He has no problem with sleeping on a dog bed on the floor in our room for the whole night.  He takes his time with eating his dinner and is only vocal when he sees a squirrel or hears something that peaks his interest while we’re outside.  We are working with him to teach him what are appropriate things for him to chew on, but he will listen when we tell him to stop and won’t fight when we take away things he shouldn’t chew on.  We took Mooney to the local farmer’s market and he did great in the crowd of people.  He let people pet him and was well-behaved around the other dogs

Mooney has a very sweet temperament and gets along great with the resident beagles (when they aren’t being grumpy).  He loves his pets and his belly rubs and will come up to you and wrap his front paws around your leg to let you know he would like some attention.  He is still curious about his new setting and likes to sniff and explore.  He has short bursts of all-out energy, but he will cuddle up next to you if he is ready for a nap (and he is a GREAT cuddler!)  He likes to play with the toys around the house and will even occasionally play fetch.  He is still working on responding to his name, but is getting better the more we use it.  Mooney would be a great addition to any family, but would probably be best served in a home with a good level of action.


Mooney came with Mason from Franklin County. They are both cuties. Mooney was able to climb his kennel fence to visit another beagle buddy!! So he is a little athlete!


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